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Chapter 7: Flowers of Feelings at His Feet

Commit yourself to the earth while on the earth,
my heart,
if you wish to attain the unattainable man.

That unattainable man, the adhar manush, the essential man; if you want to attain it, then be committed to the here and now.

Be committed to the present, be committed to the reality that is available to you in this moment. There is no other commitment.

Place at his feet your flowers of feelings
and the prayers of tears
flooding your eyes.

They are very real people. They say the “flowers of feelings.” Ordinary flowers won’t do. You can pick flowers from the trees and go to the god of your temple and put those flowers there, but the god is abstract, the flowers borrowed. In fact, the flowers were more in tune with God on the trees. They were more in tune with God on the trees.at least they were alive. You have not made them closer to God, you have killed them.

When I used to live in Jabalpur I had a very beautiful garden and I was a victim, a continuous victim of religious people. Because there used to be two temples just close by, so any worshippers would come, and without asking they would start picking flowers. In that part of the country it is thought that if somebody is picking flowers for his God, it is not good to prevent it. So I had to put up a notice, because if I prevented them they would say, “These are for religious purposes.” I had to put up a notice: “You can pick for any other purpose, but not for religious purposes” - because, as I see it, the flowers are more surrendered to God on the plants, alive. You will kill them. Your God is bogus and you will kill the flowers. This whole worship is pseudo.

The Bauls say “.your flowers of feelings place at his feet” - your love, your compassion, your understanding, your lived experiences, your visions, your taste, your richness. “Place at his feet your flowers of feelings and the prayers of tears” - because words won’t do. How can words become prayers? Words are dead things: they don’t mean much. Yes, there is much noise in them, but they don’t mean much. Silent tears would be better. So you can find Bauls standing by the side of the road crying, and if you ask, “What are you doing?” they will say, “Praying.” And you don’t see any shrine, no temple, not even a tree-god. They are just standing on the road, crying. You will ask, “Where is your God?” and they will say, “He is everything, everywhere! Whenever the right moment is available to pray, whenever I feel in a receptive moment, that is the right moment to pray. I’m praying.” With tears they pray, with dance they pray, with singing they pray, but their prayer is very alive.