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Chapter 34: Out of The Mind - Below or Beyond

My friend was going to see the prime minister, but the home minister said, “It is better you don’t mention Osho’s name to anybody. Just the name makes them afraid for the simple reason that he does not belong to any religion; nobody knows what exactly is his teaching. He does not give any discipline to his people; on the contrary, he takes away people’s disciplines and beliefs. Rather than conditioning them to be obedient to the society and the society’s morality, he corrupts them. He takes away their conditionings and leaves them open, vulnerable, rebellious.”

Have you ever seen anybody who is alive being worshipped as a saint? Even when Ramakrishna was alive, people thought, “He is an idiot, he is a madman.” When Ramateertha was alive, the great Hindu scholars of Varanasi declared that he could not be a saint because he did not know Sanskrit. His whole upbringing was in Persian, Arabic and Urdu, because he was born in Lahore which is now in Pakistan. But once dead, nobody asks whether Ramateertha knew Sanskrit or not; dead, everything is right. Now he is worshipped as a great saint. Ramakrishna is no longer described as a madman; he is worshipped as an incarnation of God - by the same people.

To worship the dead has been one of the basic attitudes of the old man, because the dead man cannot create rebellion, cannot provoke people to revolt. A dead man is very comfortable, convenient. But one who is alive, and not only alive, but who believes life to be the only God, looks certainly dangerous.

Just a few days ago here in Pune, one of the shankaracharyas, Swami Swarupananda, told a conference, “Osho is the most dangerous man mankind has ever known.” I don’t carry nuclear weapons with me, I don’t have even a knife to cut vegetables, but I am the most dangerous man of the whole history of mankind because I teach life and not death, love, rejoicing and not renunciation.

The old man has lived so wrongly, so stupidly, so insanely that the harm that has been done to us is incalculable.

A man is shipwrecked, and finds himself in an uninhabited region. After wandering long in the jungle, he comes at last to a village where he sees a noose from which a corpse is hanging.

“The Lord be praised,” he cries. “Civilization at last!”

But this is the civilization we all have inherited.

Two guys at a bar were comparing the sexual behavior of their wives. “Hey,” one said, “Does your wife close her eyes when you are making love to her?”

“Sure, she does,” the other replied. “She can’t stand to see me having a good time.”

The priests are just like these wives who can’t stand to see anybody having a good time. All your religions are nothing but condemnations of everything that can give you pleasure, joy. They are very supportive of everything that is nothing but self-torture.

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