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Chapter 17: The Child Is Still within You

I said, “I have been jogging, and I became bored always going forwards; just for a change I was trying it backwards. I never realized that just on that day that idiot was going to come - nobody ever comes on this street. That man must have spread a rumor - and rumors spread like wildfire. Even the landlord in whose house I was living heard that on this street..

He told me, “Stop going so early for your morning walk; go only when the sun has risen, because one man has seen a ghost.”

I said, “Who told you?”

He said, “My wife told me, and the whole neighborhood knows; after eight o’clock in the evening the street becomes empty.”

I told him, “You may not believe it, but there was no ghost. In fact, it was I who was jogging backwards..”

He said, “Don’t try to befool me.”

I said, “You can come with me. At three o’clock in the morning there is nobody.”

He said, “Why should I take the risk? But one thing is certain: if you don’t stop going, then you will have to leave my house. You cannot live here.”

I said, “This is very strange. Even if the street is full of ghosts, why should you insist that I leave your house? You cannot force me. I pay the rent.you have given me a receipt. And in the court you cannot say that it is because this man goes on a street where ghosts jog - I don’t think any court is going to accept this reason.”

He said, “Do you mean you will drive me to the courts? If you are so insistent, you can live in this house. I will sell it. I will leave this house.”

“But,” I said, “I am not a ghost.”

He said, “That I know - but mixing with ghosts? Some day some ghost may follow you into the house - and I am a man with a wife and children. I don’t want to take any risks.”

Here, you don’t need to be afraid: you can jog backwards, and even if you are a real ghost, nobody is going to take any notice of you. If you cannot allow your playfulness here, then you will not be able to allow it anywhere in the world. Allow it totally - let it go out of control; and once your child is really alive and dancing within you, it will change the very flavor of your life. It will give you a sense of humor, a beautiful laughter, and it will destroy all your headiness. It will make you a man of the heart.

The man who lives in his head does not live at all. Only the man who lives in his heart, and sings songs which are not understandable to the head, dances which are not in any way relevant to any context outside you.just out of your abundance, out of your affluence: you have so much energy that you would like to dance and sing and shout.so do it!

It will make you more alive; it will give you a chance to taste what life is all about. The serious man is dead before his death. Long before his death, he remains almost like a corpse.

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