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Chapter 8: The Forbidden Path

When the head becomes too heavy you lose contact with your heart. When the head becomes too much important you tend to forget about the heart. And the heart is the source of your life energies. From the heart you are connected to the sex center, and from the heart you are connected to sahasrar. The heart is the bridge between the sex and sahasrar - the heart is the bridge between the valley and the peak. And they go on stuffing your head. They train your head so much you become so clever, you become so efficient with the head that you simply bypass the route that goes through the heart.

Life moves through the heart. The snake is alive, but your heart is closed. The snake is alive and ready to jump on its journey, you will just have to open the doors of your heart. That’s what I mean when I say dance, sing, be ecstatic, celebrate, love, feel.

The real university of the future will be a training center for the heart, not for the head. These universities that exist today are just out of date; they are just ruins of the past. They can exist in the museums, but they should not be allowed to exist anymore in reality. The real university has to be a great training for the heart, for the feeling.

Your snake is alive. Just open your heart - your snake is groping. When I see into you when you come to me and I personally encounter you, I see the snake groping for the heart. It cannot go towards the head without moving from the heart, there is no way. It can only go to the head through the heart. When it goes through the heart it does not reach to your reason, it reaches to your intuition. When it goes through the heart it hits the sahasrar. The sahasrar is also in the head, but it is not the head that you are aware of.

Even biologists, physiologists, say that half of the head simply seems to be useless - what is the function of it? Only half seems to work. The other half which seems useless and nonfunctioning is the seed of the sahasrar. When your energy moves through the heart, it reaches to the other half of the head which is ordinarily not functioning. It functions only when a man becomes a buddha.

And I will repeat again: the forbidden path is the only path. Be courageous. Remember: sin is a felix culpa - a happy fault - because that is the only way one comes to become a saint.

The second question:

This drama has occupied me since the transference of the towel. You passed your towel to sannyasins saying that it would descend like god - but it landed on the floor. Then yesterday again you have taken it back. Buddha transferred the flower to Mahakashyapa which is still with him.
Osho, is there no one out of all your sannyasins who can receive your towel? Please say something and clear it clearly.

But the question is unsigned.it must be from a coward. My whole feeling is not to answer it. Because if you cannot even declare your name you are afraid - even to ask a question you are afraid - you don’t want to expose yourself, even before me.

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