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Chapter 3: Joy Has No Cause

Why is he asking? - so that, if the reason is known, others can also cultivate it. If somebody says “By standing on my head I become very peaceful,” you also stand on your head, and you become peaceful. Somebody says “I am happy because I have renounced the world,” so you also renounce the world, and you become happy. Then happiness becomes something that can be manipulated. This is how people are - imitating each other.

And in fact there is no cause for happiness. The day you understand this, you can be happy any moment. If there is a cause, then the cause will take time: you will have to practice it, you will have to practice long. And the whole radical attitude of Tao is that you can be happy this moment.

What does this mean? This means that there is no cause, so there is no need to practice. It is just a question of allowing it - it is already there if you allow. If you don’t allow, you function like a rock: if you allow, the rock is removed. It is only a question of allowing it. God is there, you allow - that’s all. If you don’t allow, he will not enter because he cannot destroy your freedom, he protects your freedom. If you say “no,” he is not going to enter into your being. If on your door it is written that nobody is allowed without permission, he will wait. He is not even going to ask your permission - he will simply wait, because even to ask your permission is to interfere with your freedom. He will wait. He will not ring the bell. he will simply wait. God is everywhere, waiting, and he waits so silently.that’s why his presence is not felt, he looks almost absent. Can’t you see it? God seems to be the most absent thing in the world. That’s why atheists can exist, and they can say “Where is your God? We don’t see..” He is so non-interfering; he allows you total freedom. And total freedom implies in it to go against God.

Your nature is that of bliss. You are made of the stuff called bliss. But you have to allow it, you have to relax, you have to be in a let-go; no cause is there - just let-go is needed. Hence, theoretically, it can happen at this very moment - not even a split second has to be wasted. If there is a cause, then.then a long time will be needed, and even then one never knows - you may succeed, you may not succeed.

See the difference between the Hindu attitude and the Taoist attitude. The Hindu, the Jaina, the Buddhist - they all say: Past lives, karma, has to be removed. Much has to be done, great discipline is needed - only then will you be able to attain. Ashtavakra, Lao Tzu, Bodhidharma, Lin Chi says: Nothing is needed, just allow it. Relax, allow it, and this very moment it will start pouring in you.

Confucius says

“Master, what is the reason for your joy?”

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