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Chapter 7: Techniques to Put You at Ease

Now you come every day with expectations, with a closed mind. It cannot happen. It always happens in an open mind; it always happens in a new situation. That doesn’t mean that you have to change your situation daily, it only means: do not allow your mind to create a pattern. Then your wife will be new every day, your husband will be new every day. But do not allow the mind to create a pattern of expectations; do not allow the mind to move in the future. Then your master will be every day new, your friend will be every day new. And everything is new in the world except the mind. Mind is the only thing which is old. It is always old.

The sun is rising anew every day. It is not the old sun. The moon is new; the day, the night, the flowers, the trees. everything is new except your mind. Your mind is always old - remember, always - because mind needs the past, the accumulated experience, the projected experience. Mind needs the past and life needs the present. Life is always blissful - mind never is. Whenever you allow your mind to come in, misery sets in.

These spontaneous moments will not be repeated again, so what to do? How to be in a relaxed state continuously? These three sutras are for this. These are three techniques concerning the feeling of ease, techniques to relax the nerves.

How to remain in the being? How not to move into the becoming? It is difficult, arduous, but these techniques can help. These techniques will throw you upon yourself.

The first technique:

While being caressed, sweet princess, enter the caressing as everlasting life.

Shiva starts with love. The first technique is concerned with love, because love is the nearest thing in your experience in which you are relaxed. If you cannot love, it is impossible for you to relax. If you can relax, your life will become a loving life.

A tense man cannot love. Why? A tense man always lives with purposes. He can earn money, but he cannot love because love is purposeless. Love is not a commodity. You cannot accumulate it; you cannot make a bank balance of it; you cannot strengthen your ego out of it. Really, love is the most absurd act, with no meaning beyond it, no purpose beyond it. It exists in itself, not for anything else.

You earn money for something - it is a means. You build a house for someone to live in - it is a means. Love is not a means. Why do you love? For what do you love? Love is the end in itself. That is why a mind that is calculative, logical, a mind that thinks in terms of purpose, cannot love. And the mind that always thinks in terms of purpose will be tense, because purpose can only be fulfilled in the future, never here and now.

You are building a house - you cannot live in it just now, you will have to build it first. You can live in it in the future, not now. You earn money - the bank balance will be created in the future, not now. Means you will have to use now, and ends will come in the future.

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