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Chapter 5: Existence Does Not Like Carbon Copies

So I don’t think any of these countries will consider spiritualism to be a blessing to them. It will be a revolution, and it will be a blessing to the people, but not a blessing to the vested interests. And if they allow me to stay somewhere, it will be out of ignorance. They don’t know what spiritual revolution means.

They will allow me to stay for attracting millions of tourists; they may allow me to stay for helping people’s mental stability. But it is possible only if they don’t understand my work. Anybody who is going to allow me to stay is going to allow me either if he is a rare man in politics - he is not a politician but a man in politics - or out of ignorance, not knowing what danger he is inviting.

As far as I’m concerned, I am making it clear. I don’t want to deceive anybody. I would rather go around the world in my airplane, meeting my people whenever it is possible, because I cannot accept any conditions.

The king of Nepal was ready for me to have my residence and commune there, but the condition was that I should not speak against Hinduism. Nepal is a Hindu kingdom, the only Hindu kingdom in the world.

I refused. I said, “I never plan what to speak and what not to speak. I cannot promise. And if I see anything wrong, then it does not matter whether it is Hinduism or Christianity or Mohammedanism, I am going to speak against it.”

The Indian government was ready, but they had conditions that I should not allow my foreign sannyasins to come to India to meet me, and I should not allow news media from outside India to have any connection with me. Then I said, “Forget all about it. I don’t want your land and I don’t want any commune. I can accept only unconditionally, out of love, out of an understanding of what I am doing and what it can mean to the future of humanity.”

I hope that some country may be able to become a host to me. And that country will have a future far brighter than any other country in the world. That country will have far more intelligent people than any other country in the world. That country will have more meditative people, more silent, more loving, more free from all the prisons of the past, and more available to all the new technologies, the new sciences which can change everything on the earth and make it a paradise.

I do not teach a paradise after death.

I teach a paradise before death.

After death is just for hypocrites, deceivers. Those who want to deceive you and cheat you, they are talking about after death. My whole emphasis is here, now.

What is your relationship with Zorba, as invented by Kazantzakis, and what does Zorba have in common with you? I know that he didn’t have any wealth.

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