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Chapter 19: Organism, Not Organization

And it was better for Britain - not for India - because if Britain was really being helpful it should have trained India how to rule, how to manage. It should have transferred Mohammedans to Pakistan, Hindus to India under military control - because it was an absolute certainty that if India and Pakistan were made free and the people had not been transferred, then there was going to be immense violence. And that violence happened.

More than one million people died as independence was declared, because to transfer millions of people from India to Pakistan and from Pakistan to India was not an easy job. Who was going to do it?

And when people have no time, and when they are leaving their country and moving to another country, who is going to allow them to take all their money? Of course they cannot take their houses, their lands, and they cannot sell them. Who is going to purchase them? - because everybody knows they have to leave them: “Without any question, they are ours.” And money, women - anybody they wanted - they would not allow to leave. Women were transferred into Mohammedanism.

The people who came to India from Pakistan were utterly desolated. They had lost all their lives’ earnings, their houses, their friends. They had lost their families. And the same was the situation in India with Mohammedans - on a little smaller scale, because Hindus are not so violent. Just because they were vegetarians, to kill was an impossibility for them. But it happened on a lesser scale; thousands of Mohammedans were killed.

And Mountbatten, with his government, slipped out of the country. The whole responsibility fell on India’s and Pakistan’s governments, that they were unable to manage. But how you can manage a country within a day?

On the fifteenth of August the country became free, and on the fifteenth of August, thousands of people were being killed, thousands of houses were on fire. The government had not even figured out whose department belonged to whom, they had not yet been able to divide the cabinets, the ministers, who was the chief of the army and who was the person responsible for orders. They had to immediately face such great violence. And after that they have gone continuously down and down.

I am not in favor of the philosophy of Gandhian non-violence. I love non-violence, but that does not mean that I will allow my people to be killed. At least they should die with dignity; they should not be just killed like dumb animals.

So, while the whole world remains organizational, the commune will be an organism inside, but for the outside world it will certainly maintain a tough face. We are not going to harm anybody on our own, but we are not going to allow anybody to harm us either. And that is natural to every organism. What I am saying is not philosophy. Your body will protect itself in any case: if the house is on fire, everybody will start getting out of the house as quickly as possible. It is natural. Life wants to save itself, and there is nothing wrong in it.

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