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Chapter 6: Repression or Transformation?

If you go and move naked in the street, you are not hurting anybody, you are not doing any violence to anybody; you are absolutely innocent. But immediately the police will come, the whole surrounding will become agitated. You will be caught and beaten and put into jail. But you have not done anything at all. A crime happens when you do something. You have not been doing anything - simply walking naked! But why does the society get so angry? The society is not even so angry against a murderer. This is strange. But a naked man - and society is absolutely angry. It is because murder is still human. No animal murders. They kill for eating, they don’t murder. And no animal murders his own species, only man. So it is human, the society can accept it. But the society cannot accept nudity - because the naked man suddenly makes you aware that you are all animals. Howsoever hidden behind clothes the animal is there, the nude, the naked animal is there, the naked ape is there.

You are against the nude man not because he is nude but because he makes you aware of your nudity, and the ego is hurt. Clothed, man is not an animal. With eating habits, manners, man is not an animal. With language, morality, philosophy, religion, man is not an animal. The most religious thing is to go into a church, to a temple, to pray. Why is it so religious? - Because no animal goes to a church and no animal prays; it is absolutely human. Going to a temple to pray, this makes the distinction absolute, that you are not animals.

But sex is animal activity. Whatsoever you do, howsoever you hide it, whatsoever you create around it, the basic fact remains animal. And when you move into it you become like animals. Because of this fact many people cannot enjoy sex. They cannot become totally animal, their egos won’t allow it.

So ego and sex, this is the conflict - sex versus ego. The more egoistic a person is, the more he is against sex. The less egoistic a person is, the more involved he is in sex. But even the lesser egoist feels guilt - feels less, but still feels something is wrong. When one moves deeply into sex the ego is lost, and when the moment comes nearer when the ego is disappearing, fear grips you.

So people don’t make love or go into sex deeply, not really. They just make a superficial show that they are making love, because if you really make love all civilization will have to be dropped. Your mind will have to be put aside - your religion, philosophy, everything. Suddenly you will feel a wild animal is born within you. The roar will come to you. You may actually start roaring like a wild animal - screaming, groaning. And if you allow it, language will disappear. Sounds will be there, just like birds or animals making sounds. Suddenly the whole civilization of a million years is dropped. You are again standing like an animal, in a wild world.

There is fear, and because of that fear love has become very difficult. And the fear is real - because when you lose the ego you are almost insane; you become wild, and then anything can happen. And you know that anything can happen. You may even kill, murder your beloved, you may start eating her body, because then controls are removed. Because of this suppression seems to be the easiest way - to avoid all this. Suppress, or allow only as much as will not lead you into danger - just a part of it which can always be controlled - you remain in control; you manipulate. You allow up to an extent and then you don’t allow and then you close yourself and shut yourself.

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