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Chapter 6: A Lot - and Nothing

It is better to kill Socrates than let him go on sharpening people’s minds to such an extent that the bureaucrats look like fools! Before it happens, it is better to kill him. But the history books go on saying that the people of Athens killed Socrates. Now, I saw the people of Saint Nicholas come running to the airport to demonstrate that they are not with the police. And even when I had left their country, a deputation from Saint Nicholas, on their own decision, went to see the president of the country to protest about what had happened in their village.

I had been there only two weeks, and I had never gone out of the house; but they could see my people - at least five hundred sannyasins from all over Europe had gathered. They were well accustomed to tourists, because it is a tourist place, but they had never seen such loving people. And just because of my sannyasins.although they could not understand me, the language was a great barrier.still, a few of the village people started coming just to sit with me in the morning, in the evening. And that’s what was hurting the religious hierarchy.

The archbishop was getting mad because nobody was coming to his congregation; and I had been there for fifteen days and I had created a big congregation. In his congregation, between six to twelve old women - who were almost dead - they used to come to listen to him.

He was getting afraid, sending telegrams to the president, to the prime minister, to other ministers, to the police chief, giving interviews which were full of lies - because he knew nothing about me. And his fear became infectious: the government also became afraid.

One of my sannyasins, Amrito - who had invited me to Greece - was a close friend of the president, of the prime minister. She was well connected with all the high-position people, because twenty years before she had been chosen as the beauty queen, “Miss Greece,” and she had become famous. And since then she had been modeling, so all the film directors, businessmen.all kinds of people were related to her. She was never asked to make an appointment; she simply went to their houses - the president or the prime minister.

But that day she went to the president and for six hours she remained there, and she was not allowed into the house. Why was the president afraid of a woman whom he knows, who has been coming to him and they have been friends.? The fear was because.what will he say? He had no answer for what had been done to me and my people by his government.

And you will be surprised: the answer came in a very strange way. I left Athens because they wouldn’t allow me even to stay for the night in a hotel under their supervision, or at the airport.

As I left, they immediately started searching for Amrito. She must have found out from some source: “Now you will be the target - why did you invite Osho here, knowing him?” And she had to escape out of the country. And still the police went..

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