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Chapter 20: The Power of the Mystic

I am one of the stargazers, idealists, naive. I learned from you about trusting existence totally. But I understood total trust to mean just that - total trust, trust unto death. So I had great difficulty understanding when my own master supported protecting ourselves with guns and searching visitors, or even just buying insurance. I became split: one part of me could see perfectly well that existence contains wars and famines and Hitlers, and even just thieves who will take your belongings if you don’t watch them.
Another part of me threw out love and trust to existence, and was rewarded with great joy and what seemed like a constant and continuous shower of miracles.
The events and the discourses of the last few weeks have greatly shaken my trust and intensified the split in me.
Please comment.

It was not total trust. Don’t deceive yourself. A trust that is total cannot be shaken by anything. It is unconditional. You have just been hallucinating about total trust. Neither do you know what totality means, nor do you know what trust means.

If you trust existence, guns are part of existence too, just as rose flowers. And if you want rose flowers, you will need guns to protect them. But many people think life just a bed of roses. What are you going to do with the thorns? Those guns are the thorns. And it is such a simple thing to understand, even an idiot can understand it.

We have not harmed anybody, we are not going to harm anybody. But we are not going to allow anybody to harm you either. To harm is ugly. To allow somebody to harm you is the same, it is ugly. Life in both the cases is harmed.

And what can these three dozen guns - which are not even automatic - do in a world which is full of nuclear weapons? America has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the whole world. Why should they be afraid of three dozen guns which have not been used at all in four years? And there is no possibility of using them..

But if you want, I can just withdraw them today. But then don’t object if Hell’s Angels come and harass you, if fanatic Christians come and harass you, if all kinds of criminals come and destroy your commune. Do you think that will be a more beautiful scene than these three dozen guns, which are not doing any harm to anybody? These guns were not there in the very beginning, but fanatic Christians started coming and harassing people, Hell’s Angels started coming and being a nuisance.

You cannot remain naive about the facts of life. It is a struggle. In this struggle you have to remember only one thing, that you are not on the destructive side, that you are not attacking anybody, that you are not harassing anybody.

Since we have had three dozen guns and a security force, those fanatic Christians and Hell’s Angels and Witnesses of Jehovah have not come again. It seems the gun is far more powerful than Jehovah, more powerful than Jesus Christ. And these are toy guns; in a nuclear world, these guns don’t matter.

The attorney general has alerted the army. I have never seen such cowards in my life - to alert the army so that within three hours, any time, they can reach to Rajneeshpuram. People who are living silently, peacefully, meditating, rejoicing, dancing, doing no harm to anybody - for them the army is alerted. The army is not alerted against all the criminals in New York, in San Francisco and LA

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