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Chapter 25: You Need a Divine Discontent

The priests don’t want you to ask any question about their belief system because they know that they have no answers to give. All belief systems are so false that if questioned they will fall down. Unquestioned, they create great religions with millions of people in their folds.

Now the Catholic pope has fifty million people under him, and out of these fifty million people, not a single one inquires, “How can a virgin girl give birth to a child?” That would be sacrilegious! Out of fifty million people, not a single one asks, “What is the evidence that Jesus is the only begotten son of God?” - anybody can claim it. “What is the evidence that Jesus has saved people from misery?” - he could not save himself. But questions like this are embarrassing, and they are simply not raised. Even God is nothing but a hypothesis which religious people have been trying to prove for thousands of years, all kinds of proofs - but all bogus, with no substance, no support from existence. But nobody asks the question.

From the very first day of life, people are being trained to be loyal to the belief system in which they were born. It is convenient for the priests to exploit you, it is convenient for the politicians to exploit you, it is convenient for husbands to exploit wives, for parents to exploit children, for teachers to exploit students. For every vested interest, loyalty is simply a necessity. But it reduces the whole of humanity into retardedness.

It does not allow questioning, it does not allow doubt, it does not allow people to be intelligent. And a man who is not capable of doubting, of questioning, of saying, “No,” when he feels that the thing is wrong, has fallen below humanity - he has become a subhuman animal.

“.all of which represent static, unquestioning attitudes that are rooted in outmoded sentimentality.

“I love and trust You as my Master, and I cannot imagine the rest of my life having any significance except that it be in the service of that love and trust.”

If love is asked, then it becomes loyalty. If love is given without being asked, if it is your free gift. Then it raises your consciousness.

If trust is asked you are being enslaved but if a trust arises in you, something superhuman is growing within your heart.

The difference is very small, but of tremendous importance. Asked or ordered, love and trust both become false. When they arise on their own, they have immense intrinsic value. They do not make you a slave, they make you a master of yourself, because it is your love, it is your trust. You are following your own heart. You are not following somebody else, you are not being forced to follow. Out of your freedom is your love, out of your dignity is your trust, and they are both going to make you richer human beings.

That is my idea of the new man. He will love, but he will not allow love to be ordered. He will trust, but he will trust according to himself - not according to any scriptures, not according to any social structure, not according to any priest, not according to any politician.

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