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Chapter 2: In the Arms of the Moon

If you can remain with me for a few moments, just in pure awe, not corrupting it in any way, not doing anything whatsoever - just being in it, allowing it to be - there will be a shift, a one hundred-eighty-degree turn, a conversion. Suddenly I will disappear and you will be face to face with your own being. The god is hiding within you.

look for him in the temple of your limbs;
He is there as the lord of the world,
speaking, singing in enchanting tunes.
He is an expert at hide-and-seek;
no one can see him.

.Because the very effort to see him separates you from him, the very effort to see him makes him an object - and he is not an object, he is your subjectivity. He cannot be reduced to being a thing - he is not. He is not the sought, he is the seeker. He is your consciousness, your purity of consciousness. He is your inner sky. You cannot see him because he is hiding within you.

There is a beautiful parable..

When God created the world, he used to live here on this Earth, but there was great trouble for him. He was not even able to sleep because of complaints and complaints. And the whole day he was trying to solve people’s problems, and in the night also they were knocking on his door. And there were so many suggestions to improve upon the world that he started becoming almost insane. It looked as if nothing was going right - millions of advisers - and he was fed up. If he listens to one man’s advice, there are a thousand and one against it. It was very difficult to do anything. He asked his counselors, his advisers, “What to do?” He said, “I would like to hide somewhere.”

Somebody suggested, “Why don’t you go to Gourishankar, Everest. Nobody will ever be able to come there; you can make your abode there.”

He said, “You don’t know the future. Just within a few minutes” - for God it is only few minutes, our centuries are seconds for him - “just within a few minutes, this man Hillary will reach and then the same trouble will start.”

And somebody said, “Why not the moon?”

He said, “That too is only a question of a few minutes. Soon, man will be walking on the moon. It will not solve anything. It will at the most postpone a little.”

Then one old counselor came close to him and told him something in his ear, and he was very happy and he said, “Right! This appears to be the perfect solution.”

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