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Chapter 8: The Subtle Ego

If I have attained something I can do two things: either I can start conditioning you so that you also attain the same thing - but through conditioning nothing is ever attained - or I can start helping to create a milieu, just a climate, where if you want to open you can open. It is just like the morning - the sun arrives on the horizon. It does not go to each flower, it does not knock at each bird’s nest, it does not order, “Now start singing - the morning has come. Now start opening - the morning has come. Now be awake!” It says nothing. The sun simply stands there. It creates a climate.

That warmth, that life-giving warmth, spreads all over the earth. In that warmth trees start opening their eyes, birds start singing again, flowers open their petals. Nothing is being said, nothing is being conditioned - it is just the presence.

When I am giving sannyas to you, child or not, what is going to happen by it? It is just that I am allowing you to be in my presence. I am simply allowing you to become friends with me. This is just a friendship in which something is possible if you are ready to move.

And a child is more ready to move, a child is more inquiring, a child still has wondering eyes, a child is still clean. Nothing is written on his slate yet. Sannyas is not a kind of imprisonment, it is just an attitude of coming out of all prisons. So why should the children not be allowed to become sannyasins?

I have no creed, no dogma, no catechism. I am simply a presence. In this presence you can share something, you can partake of me. Everybody is welcome - a child of three months and an old man of ninety years. Everybody is welcome. Whosoever wants to go on the journey of the unknown is welcome.

And all that we teach here - if you can call it teaching - is love and meditation. Both are unconditioning, both are de-hypnotizing. We don’t teach a philosophy about love, we simply create the milieu where love can grow. And we don’t give a ritualistic, formalistic form of meditation - just the quality of meditativeness. Once you start drinking a little of meditativeness, a little of love, you start growing wings.

Sannyas is not the end of the journey, it is just the beginning. It is the first step. When you become a Christian it is the end, when you become a Hindu it is the end, when you become a Mohammedan it is the end. Then you can relax. Then you need not worry. When you become a Christian it is Christ’s duty and responsibility to save you. Now he will do; now you can go on your own way, you can go on doing your things - you have left the burden on Jesus, he will carry your cross. Nobody can carry your cross, no, not even Jesus. Nobody can save you. How can anybody save you? The moment you start thinking that somebody else is going to save you, you are going to become a slave. The very idea that somebody else is going to save you creates slavery.

I am not a savior. I don’t deal in that kind of nonsense. I am not going to save you. You can save yourself. I will make available all that is in me, you can choose anything you like and love. And there is no enforced effort here to bring you all into the same mold. You can grow the way it happens to you. My trust is in the individual, I don’t trust the crowd. The crowd is by its very nature ugly. My sannyasins are connected with me individually. My sannyasins are not in fact connected to any organization.

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