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Chapter 12: The Total Man

As far as I am concerned I am totally fulfilled. If I die this moment, herenow, there is no problem about it. You see? It always happens at the right moment! I can die absolutely blissfully, peacefully, because my life is fulfilled - the flower has released its perfume. So now any moment will be right because nothing is incomplete.

I would like to say emphatically that experts are good, but we need a new, comprehensive way of looking at things which thinks of the whole man and which can make connections between the sciences, which are falling apart.

It is very strange that whenever I have made any statement about politics, the journalists have always condemned me saying that being a religious man I should not make such judgments - but they never condemn the politicians who go on making judgments about religion! This is strange.

Morarji Desai makes statements about religion every day. Just the other day he said, “I am serving the Almighty God.” What does he know about God? And just a day before he had said, “I have not yet known God, I have not yet realized God.” Then whom are you serving, and who is this Almighty? If you have not known God, if you have not seen God, how can you serve him? You are serving your own ego, but you want your ego to be puffed up. Even with the idea of God you want to decorate your ego. You are not doing ordinary work - you are serving God the Almighty.

What service has Morarji Desai done for the poor God? He has been ambitious for himself for his whole life. Does his life in any way give any indication that he has served the Almighty? And he says, “I don’t know, I have not yet realized.” But nobody will condemn him; they will appreciate him. They will say, “Look, our politicians are so religious!” And these politicians go to inaugurate religious conferences. What do they know about religion?

In fact, the politician is the last person to know anything about religion, because religion needs simplicity, religion needs clarity, religion needs intelligence, and the politician lacks all these things. He is simply cunning, he is not intelligent. He is not even clever, just cunning. He is not intelligent, he is stupid. Otherwise, why should one waste one’s life in just becoming a prime minister or a president?

Morarji Desai says, “My first ambition was to be the prime minister. Now that that is fulfilled, only one more ambition is left: to know God. Now that is the last.” The man who has wasted his last eighty-five years in becoming the prime minister, how can he suddenly know God? He will have to transform himself totally and he is not yet out of politics.

For a few months he remained silent, seeing that now there was no possibility of his coming back into power. But just three days ago as the riots started and people started creating chaos in the country, he came out. Again a hope has arisen that maybe in the next elections he can gain power again. By the next elections he will be reaching nearabout ninety, but the desire never dies. It seems stupidity grows as you grow it becomes more and more thick.

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