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Chapter 3: No Other Path but Life

Everybody has problems: somebody has a girl to marry, somebody has a boy who is a troublemaker; somebody has a case in the court and this is not the time to become enlightened, first the court case has to be finished, and so on, so forth.

But one man raised one hand. He said, “I cannot stand up because I am not ready to go yet, but I cannot resist the temptation to know where the back door is, because if sometime I am ready, I can follow the shortcut. Right now, I am not ready - let it be completely clear to you that I am not coming with you - but just tell us where the back door is.”

The old man said, “The back door is such that you can enter only with your master, not alone. It is a very narrow gate; only one can enter at a time. If you are ready to dissolve yourself in the being of the master, then there is no problem - one or one thousand, they will all enter through the door as one being. Alone, you will not be able to find it.”

Now, Deva Prem wants me to ask him some day to come along from the back door. And he thinks he is ready and he will stand up - although even thinking, he perspires and his legs tremble and his heart beats faster.

My feeling is, Deva Prem, you are the man who had raised his hand.

And one day I will ask, and I know that this time also you will only raise your hand, or perhaps you may not even raise your hand. Because I am a different type of man. That old man was very compassionate.

I would have taken even this man - at least he had raised his hand. That is enough - what is the need of making him stand up? Just raising the hand is enough.

So when I ask, remember I will ask you to simply raise the hand. This time be alert, and get prepared - because with trembling legs and perspiring it will be difficult to enter that back door.

That back door needs people who can disappear into nothingness, dancing, singing, celebrating.

So learn to sing, learn to dance, learn to celebrate. Any day, I can ask.

And I hate perspiration. I am very allergic -you will have to stop perspiring.

And trembling. That gate won’t allow you in; it will immediately see that there are two persons. You have to be absolutely still, and one with me - no trembling.

And this time I will not ask you to stand up. The last time, it was my fault.