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Chapter 12: Mind Is the Whole Problem

My father’s sister’s husband had a habit of grinding his teeth two or three times in the night. Something was wrong with his stomach and he ground his teeth - and the noise was so clear.

One day I was talking to this woman, and she asked, “Do you believe in ghosts?”

I said, “Why do you ask that?”

She said, “I live alone.” She was a widow, and she was very rich. “I live alone and I always think, “I am alone. If ghosts exist I am in danger; there is nobody else in my room.”

I said, “Ghosts not only exist, they are present in this room, in this house.”

She said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I will tell you. When this house was made, a washerman lived here with his very beautiful wife who had only one eye. But her face was very beautiful - the trouble was just that she had only one eye.

“The washerman was recruited into the army during the First World War, and died there. The shock was so much for the washerwoman that she did not believe it. She refused to believe that he was dead, and she waited for him day in, day out. And in this condition, continuously waiting for him, she was not eating well, she was not taking care of her body. Everybody tried to convince her that: ‘He is dead, he cannot come. You need not sit at the door the whole day.’

“But she was absolutely incapable of thinking that he could leave her. There was a bond between them that they will live together and they will die together. And they loved each other too much. Finally she died, but because of her desire that the husband come in search of her, she became a ghost. And she still lives here.

“After she died, her small hut was removed and this building was made, but she still lives here and she still waits. Every night she comes, and when she comes.you have to understand a signal: she makes a noise as if somebody is grinding his teeth. Why she does this, I don’t know - nobody knows - but she comes two or three times in the night. And particularly when somebody is a guest in the house, then, she is absolutely certain to come - thinking, hoping, that perhaps her husband has come back because a guest is in the house.

“She comes and she takes the blanket off and looks at your face. And she has only one eye She is a very beautiful young woman, but she has only one eye.”

She said, “Nobody told me about it.”

I said, “Then don’t tell anybody; otherwise nobody will stay in this house, and even to sell this house will become impossible. They want to sell this house and they are keeping quiet about the reality. Once it is sold they can purchase another house, and then it is somebody else’s problem, not their problem. So they are completely silent about it. But I told you because you asked me. And I have nothing, no investment in this house or anything. I simply say whatever is the case - and this is the case.

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