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Chapter 15: God the Father - Just Another Teddy Bear

She said, “How can I do it? Because God is present everywhere.” Even in the bathroom, with closed doors, you are not alone. God seems to be a kind of Peeping Tom, so whenever you close the door of the bathroom, look all around - he must be hiding in some corner and watching what is going on.

The nun was logically right because, if the hypothesis of God’s omnipresence is true, then certainly he cannot leave the bathroom just because a lady is taking a bath - he is not that much of a gentleman. Even if he was outside, if the lady is taking a bath he would enter the bathroom; that nun was doing absolutely the logical thing.

But this God is created just to help those people who are always in need of some father figure who is protecting them, who is their security, who is their bank balance. Without him, they will be left alone in this vast existence. You carried the idea even here. But I cannot support your pathology. I am here to destroy all kinds of psychological sicknesses, to give you a spiritual well-being.

The first principle is: freedom from everybody: father or mother, husband or wife. And remember, I repeat again, freedom does not mean that you have to renounce. In fact, the people who renounce are not free: they renounce out of fear; they are afraid that if they don’t escape from home, they cannot be free. But if they cannot be free in the home, they cannot be free even in the Himalayas. They may be sitting alone in the Himalayas, but they will be thinking about their wife, about their children, about their father, about their mother, about their friends. The whole crowd will be there.

You have to learn the art of meditation. The whole art consists of a simple fact: move withinwards, because there is no society, no father, no mother; you are alone - absolutely alone. Move inwards and find your being; and suddenly your loneliness will go through a transformation; your loneliness will become aloneness. Loneliness is sick, aloneness is beautiful, immensely beautiful.

You say: “Now, with you, I feel more and more alone.” That’s my whole business, to make people feel more and more alone. But remember, feeling alone is not loneliness. The distinction is subtle, but has to be clearly understood: when you are feeling lonely, you are missing someone; when you missed your father, you were feeling lonely. If you are not missing anyone but you have found yourself, then you will be alone but not lonely.

And to be alone is so beautiful. All fetters have been dropped, all relationships have disappeared, nothing pollutes your consciousness. You are like a cedar of Lebanon standing alone, high in the sky; the higher you go, the more and more alone you will become.

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