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Chapter 10: Not to Be in the Mind Is Everything

Bodhidharma is right on all basic points, and should be understood as deeply as possible, because he can help you tremendously on the way - but remember his blind spots.

Avoid those blind spots, because those blind spots make his grandeur a little less than it would have been without them. It makes his wisdom a little tainted, a little damaged. It is no longer impeccable; it is no longer absolute and perfect. Something is missing; he is prejudiced. He has joined a party.

A man of true understanding remains alone; he does not join any party, any organization, any church, any religion. He is available to every form of understanding, but he remains impartial. To me this impartiality is one of the fundamentals of religion.

A Christian is not religious just because he is a Christian. A Hindu is not religious just because he has become part of an organized doctrine. A Jaina is not religious because he has chosen a certain party line. An authentically religious man is individual.

He is alone, and in his aloneness there is great beauty, great splendor.

I teach you that aloneness. I teach you the beauty, and the grandeur, and the fragrance of aloneness.

In your aloneness you will reach to the heights of Everest. In your aloneness you will be able to touch the farthest star. In your aloneness you will blossom to your total potential.

Never become a believer, never become a follower, never become a part of any organization. Remain authentically true to yourself. Don’t betray yourself.