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Chapter 3: Melt Yourself Down

The arrival of the mind happens through getting identified with the contents of consciousness. Just a small change, a single step is needed, and that step bridges this to that. That single step bridges the world to godliness, the outer to the inner, the mundane to the sacred. What is that single step? Non-identification.

Remain a witness. Always remember to remain a witness: whatsoever passes in the mind, know perfectly well you are not it. You are not the stuff called mind. Once you become identified with any stuff of the mind, you are trapped in a prison. Then you can go on changing and re-arranging the stuff again and again, but nothing will happen.

That’s what people go on doing - improving upon themselves, creating a beautiful character, becoming saintly, religious, but the basic thing has not yet been done. They are simply rearranging the stuff of the mind.

You can go on rearranging the furniture of your house; you can arrange it in better ways, far more aesthetically, but it remains the same stuff. The sinner and the so-called saint are not very different; both are different arrangements of the same mind.

The real sage is one who has become aware that he is not the mind at all. The idea of sin arises in him, and he remains aloof; and the idea of being a saint arises in him, and he remains aloof. He gets identified with nothing - anger or compassion, hate or love, good or bad. He remains non-judgmental, he does not condemn anything in the mind. If you are just a witness, what is the point of condemning anything? And he does not praise anything of the mind - if you are just a witness, again, praise is just futile. He remains cool and collected and centered. The mind goes on raving around him, just out of the past momentum.

For thousands of lives you have remained identified with the mind, you have poured so much energy into it. It goes on revolving and revolving for a few months, even for a few years. But if you can remain a silent watcher, a watcher on the hills, then slowly, slowly the energy, the momentum, is lost and the mind comes to a stop.

The day the mind stops, you have arrived. The first vision of what godliness is and what you are happens immediately - because once the mind stops, your whole energy that has remained involved with it is released. And that energy is tremendous, it is infinite: it starts falling on (you) your self. It is a great benediction, it is grace.

The so-called revolutionaries go on failing because they go on re-arranging the same stuff of the mind. Somebody believes in God, and then comes a revolutionary who says, “There is no God and I don’t believe in any God.” But he is as much a fanatic about his idea as the people who believe in God.

Believers and disbelievers, both are fanatics. One has become attached to the yes, the other has become attached to the no, but yes or no both are part of the mind. You have chosen one part, somebody else has chosen another part. One is a Christian, another is a Hindu, but both are minds. One has chosen the Bible, the other has chosen the Vedas, but both are part of the mind.

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