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Chapter 5: The Whole Challenge of Life

III. 9. Shil santosh sada samadrishti

He who is meek and contented, he who has an equal vision,
whose mind is filled with the fullness
of acceptance and of rest;
he who has seen him and touched him,
he is freed from all fear and trouble.
To him the perpetual thought of God
is like sandal paste smeared on the body,
to him nothing else is delight:
his work and his rest are filled with music:
he sheds abroad the radiance of love.
Kabir says: “Touch his feet, who is one and indivisible,
immutable and peaceful;
who fills all vessels to the brim with joy,
and whose form is love.”

III. 13. Sadh sangat peetam

Go thou to the company of the good,
where the beloved one has his dwelling place:
take all thy thoughts and love and instruction from thence.
Let that assembly be burnt to ashes
where his name is not spoken!
Tell me, how couldst thou hold a wedding feast,
if the bridegroom himself were not there?
Waver no more, think only of the beloved;
set not thy heart on the worship of other gods,
there is no worth in the worship of other masters.
Kabir deliberates and says:
“Thus thou shalt never find the beloved!”

Man is born awake and then he falls asleep. Man is born one and then he becomes many. Man is born individual and then he falls asleep and dreams of being a crowd. This is the whole problem, the whole task, the whole challenge of life. It has to be understood. This is the search: we are seeking that which originally we were. We are seeking that which we really are. We are seeking that which we have not lost for a single moment, only forgotten; we have only become oblivious of it. Maybe it is so obvious, that’s why we have become oblivious.

Jesus says: Unless you become like children again, you will not enter into my kingdom of God. His indication is clear. Unless you regain originality, unless you move to the original source again.. One night, a seeker asked Jesus, “What should I do to know God?” And Jesus said, “Unless you are born again, you will not know him.” One has to move to that original space where we were before we were born.

Legend has it that Jesus refused to learn his alphabet, his letters. He would not allow the teachers to discuss the beta - two - until they could explain to his satisfaction the meaning of alpha - one. and of course they could not explain it. One is the number upon which arithmetic rests; one is the number upon which each individual, the whole of the universe, the concept of God, of reality, rests. And the child Jesus insisted, “Unless you explain to me what the meaning of one is, I am not going to move to another letter of the alphabet. First tell me what alpha is. Then only am I ready to go to two - the beta.” And because it could not be explained he refused to go to school.

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