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Chapter 10: Living in Nirvana

The first question:

During one of your lectures we learned that if we try to leave our ego just by trying to be humble for example, then the ego comes through humility. We also learned that the only way to get rid of the ego is meditation. But doesn’t the ego come through that also? I ask this because I’ve seen live examples in this place

Let me answer you through an anecdote:

A psychologist was giving a young man some personality tests. He drew a vertical line and asked, “What does this make you think of?”

“Sex,” said the young man.

Next the psychologist drew a circle. “And what does this make you think of?”

“Sex,” said the young man again.

The psychologist drew a star. “And this?” he asked.

“Why, sex of course,” the young man said.

The psychologist put down his pencil. “In my opinion,” he said, “you have an obsession about sex.”

“I have an obsession!” protested the young man. “For goodness’ sake, who’s been drawing all those off-color pictures?”

If you are obsessed with the ego, wherever you go you will find live examples of it, and you will think others are being egoistic - it is your projection. Once you become humble, the whole world becomes humble. Suddenly, the ego not only disappears from you, it disappears simultaneously from the whole world.

To a non-egoistic person, the ego never comes across. Not that others become egoless because he has become egoless, but because he is egoless, he cannot see the egos of others. It simply disappears for him. It is your attitude.

So the first thing to remember is: whatsoever you come across, first try to find the causes within you. Don’t be worried why others are egoistic. Let them be if they are. They will have enough punishments for their egos; their own egos will be punishing them enough. You need not be worried.

Whenever you see that somebody is egoistic, immediately turn within, close your eyes, and try to find out the cause in you. That is going to help. If you find a cause within yourself, it can be dropped, it can be transformed. And if you become egoless, suddenly you become tremendously blissful.

Why be worried about others? Just think of you. Be a little more selfish. You are trying to be too unselfish, too altruistic. Be a little more selfish. Think of your own being and of your own wastage of life.

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