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Chapter 13: The Taste of Now

Life is such.you are just a part in it, a very minute part. And the whole is a very big thing, the organic whole. Just like my fingers are part of my organic body: they cannot do anything against my body, they cannot hope for anything against my body. They are not anything except my body - just parts. So if my body is healthy, they will be healthy. If my body is ill, they will be ill. If my body is dead, they will be dead. This understanding - that “I am just a part of this great whole, so I will flow with the whole, I will not fight it” - this is contentment. This is a deep understanding.

Remember, this contentment is so different from whatsoever is understood by the word that it is even difficult to conceive it. This type of man will be contented when he is poor and will be contented when he is rich. Remember the second part also. He will not try to be a poor man because, again, that is effort. He will not try to be a poor man because, again, that is an ambition. Again he is fighting against the whole. Again he is rejecting something, not accepting something.

If it is the will of the whole that he should be rich, he will be rich. If it is the will of the whole that he should be poor, he will be poor. He can move from richness toward poverty easily; he can move from poverty toward richness as easily. Really, he is just a dead leaf in the wind. So wherever the wind moves, he moves. There is no will, there is no ego, there is no individual ambition. “The whole’s ambition is my ambition” - this is acceptance. And when a man lives in such acceptance, he reaches the highest peak possible of inner growth.

This has been the innermost core of Eastern religion, but the East has not followed it. Those who have followed, they have grown to the ultimate peaks possible. Those who have not followed, and have pretended that they are following, are bound to be in an inner contradiction.

The masses in the East are in this inner contradiction. They think they are religious and they are not. They think they are spiritual and they are not. And this thinking that they are spiritual becomes a hindrance, because if someone is ill and he thinks that he is healthy, then no treatment is possible. An ill person must realize that he is ill. This is the first step towards any health or any possibility of health. But the man thinks he is healthy.

So this is the most fatal disease - to think oneself healthy when one is not - because now everything is closed. But this happens, and man can deceive himself very easily.

So it is possible that the West will become more and more Eastern, and the East will become more and more Western. This is happening already. The day is not far off when the sun will rise in the West, because the highest consciousness in the West, the highest conscious peaks in the West, the individuals who can look ahead, are turning Eastern. And in the East, quite the contrary: the so-called intellectuals, the intelligentsia, are turning communist.

If you are not a communist in the East, no one can think you are an intelligent man. “It is impossible that you are an intellectual, and still not communist?” Even those who are not communists, they cannot dare to say that they are not communists. Those who are not communists, at least they will say that they are socialists. That is a facade. Those who are absolutely anti-communist, they will also talk in terms of communism, socialism, equality.

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