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Chapter 2: The Work of the Serpent

One of our old sannyasins, Shunyo, has donated three hundred thousand dollars, after an attack on my life was made, to purchase a bulletproof car. Those three hundred thousand dollars were simply swallowed up by Sheela and her brother, Bipin. They went on saying, “The money will be returned, it will be returned within a month.” Now almost eight years have passed, and not a single dollar has been returned to the commune. And I heard yesterday that, although Sheela and her whole gang has left, Bipin is still in Jesus house.

Geeta has proved a jewel. She was the secretary of Sheela. Sheela wanted her also to go with them; Geeta refused. She has seen the working of Sheela closely, and she did not want to be part of that criminal gang. She informed me that this Bipin is in the house. I told her, “Tell him to leave immediately - he has nothing to do here - because he may do more mischief.”

These people could do all this harm, and much more about which we are not aware. But rumors are coming and soon people will start finding what else they have done.

It is just a rumor that they tried to poison the whole of The Dalles city by poisoning their water system. It is just a rumor right now. They did not succeed, but they made the attempt.

I am trying to make you absolutely apolitical, with no desire for power; and these people were using you and your strength for their own ambitions.

I have heard that some government office in The Dalles was burned, and it was the work of this group. These people could have done anything.

They could have killed me. Perhaps, after killing those three people who are taking care of my health, they would have started slowly poisoning me, so they become absolute dictators in the commune.

So it really feels fresh. The air seems to be totally different, and we are fortunate that they left by themselves. Perhaps they suspected that the time has come when they may be exposed.

Perhaps they have taken away money from the commune.because they have left the commune with a fifty-five-million-dollar debt. And strangely enough, three days before they left I asked Savita - because she was looking after the finances - “How much debt do you have?”

She said, “Nearabout two and a half million.”

Just three days before, two and a half million. They became experts in lying. The night she was leaving, I asked her, “You tell me exactly how much debt, because anybody who is going to run the commune will have to take care of the debt.”

She said, “It must be thirty to thirty-five million.”

I said, “Strange. Just within two days, from two and a half million, to thirty to thirty-five million? What happened in these two days?”

She said, “I was not aware of the whole thing. Because you asked me, I looked into it.”

I said, “But I have heard that you are leaving a fifty-five-million-dollar debt. And you are still saying thirty-five. Be true!”

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