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Chapter 6: The Secrets of Spiritual Explosion

This total destruction of identification is the explosion. You will not be continuous now - because any continuity is on the periphery. This is not something continuous with the periphery, it is a jump. If you go on running on the periphery, then it is a continuity. If you go round and round on the periphery you may run for lives - but each step is bound with the previous one, and each step leads you to the next. It is a linked process. But jumping from the periphery to the center is not continuous with the old. It is discontinuous - not a further step and not caused by your previous step. It is completely new and uncaused.

This becomes difficult to understand, because in this world of happenings and events, nothing is uncaused. But physics has come nearer to this point: modern physics has come to a parallel situation. The behavior of the electron is discontinuous. Because of this behavior of electrons, the whole of physical science has taken a new dimension.

Before this century, physics was the most scientific system. Everything was caused, everything was a continuity, and everything was certain, because only with a causal link is there certainty. When things can happen uncaused, then there is no certainty. Then there is no law, no law that can be applied.

The whole of science is wavering today, because they cannot decide on the behavior of the electron. It behaves without cause. And sometimes disappears from one point and then appears on another without any continuity in between. From point A the electron disappears and appears on point B. And there is no continuity of existence between A and B. It has not been continuous, it has not traveled. It becomes mysterious - but I take it as an analogy.

There are two types of thinking: one is logical thinking and the other is analogical thinking. Logical thinking proceeds in syllogisms: “This is so, therefore, that will happen.” The cause is determined so the effect will follow. The logical process is a definite, certain process. Given particular premises, particular results will follow automatically. There is no freedom. In logical thinking there is no freedom. Everything is caused by the past, so is dominated by the past. If I give you a particular amount of poison, you will die: you are not free. A particular amount of poison will cause death. Death must follow. It is a certainty, a continuity, a causal link.

Analogical thinking is quite different - altogether different. Analogical thinking is, in a way, poetic. You jump from one thing to another simply through analogy, not through logical sequence. For example, I may love someone and may write a poem in which I say, “My beloved is just like the moon.” There is no connection. There is no causal link between the face of my beloved and the moon. There is no relationship at all, only analogy. I have jumped from one point to another, without traveling in between in a sequence. It is just like the behavior of the electron.

Poets have always been behaving like that. They jump from one point to another simply through analogy. Something resembles.. It may not even resemble, it appears to the poet that it resembles - something has a resonance, that is all. Something is re-echoed. Then there is a jump, an analogical jump.

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