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Chapter 4: Because You Are Buddhas

And never try any analogy. You will undo it. Analogy is always an indication; you should not take it literally. “Jump” here does not mean jump; “going upward” doesn’t mean going upward; “going downward” doesn’t mean going downward. These are indications; don’t be literal. Just take the fragrance and forget the flower; otherwise you will go on misunderstanding me. And this has happened so many times, millions of times; with all religious people it has been happening because they talk in analogy. There is no other way to talk. They talk in similes, parables. And then you can extend the parable to foolishness. If you go on extending the parable, a point comes when the whole thing is lost and everything becomes stupid.

That’s why in the hands of the enemies all religions become stupid. The whole trick is: that you go on extending the analogy - a point comes where it is no longer tenable. no longer significant. For example, Jesus says “my father who is up in heaven.” Now this “up” does not mean up. “My father” doesn’t mean my father, because there can be no “mine” in it. “.who is up in heaven” - now you can distort the whole meaning easily. When Christian friends also destroy it, enemies are bound to destroy it. They pray looking upwards. It is foolish because, in fact, in existence nothing is up and nothing is down. If you take existence in its totality, what is down and what is up? There can be nothing down and nothing up - these are relative terms.

If you take the word father, then difficulties arise. An Arya Samaji - a modern sect of Hinduism, fanatic and foolish - came to me, and he said, “I have heard you sometimes refer to Jesus also. Are you a Christian?” I said, “In a way, yes.” Of course he became mad. He couldn’t understand “in a way.” He said, “I can prove that your Jesus is completely wrong. He says ‘my father in heaven’ - then who is the mother?” Now this is how analogies can be.. Who is the mother? Without a mother how can there be a father? Perfectly true. It seems so simple. You can defeat the argument.

And then Christians, being afraid because they say “God is the father,” then they have to make it clear that Jesus is the only begotten son, because if everybody is the son then the whole point is lost: what is the speciality and uniqueness of Jesus. So he is the only begotten son. Now things go from worse to worse. Then who is everybody else? All bastards? The whole world? Only Jesus is the son - then about you, what about you? What about popes and apostles, and the whole world? The whole existence then becomes bastard, without a father. Nobody knows.

You can extend an analogy. There comes a point when it destroys its whole meaning - not only that, it gives such a stupid picture that anybody will laugh. Hence, religion can be understood only in deep sympathy. If you have sympathy you can understand it: if you don’t have sympathy you can only misunderstand it - because the whole phenomenon is in parables. To understand a parable the understanding of language is not enough, the understanding of grammar is not enough, because a parable is something which transcends grammar and language. If you are very sympathetic, only then will you have the possibility to catch the meaning.

An analogy is not a proof. An analogy is just a method to indicate something which cannot be said - to show something which cannot be said. Remember this always: otherwise you will he caught in your own cleverness.

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