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Chapter 14: Trust Life, Love Life.

The master has no mask but certainly your recognition is needed. When and where, in what situation the recognition penetrates your heart like a ray of light, depends on your intensity of search. Finally, the day you recognize yourself, you will find that you and the master and the universe are all one. There is nobody to surrender to, there is nobody to fight against. And then descends the ultimate peace that transcends all understanding - but it does not transcend experiencing.

Don’t be analytical. The seeker on the path has to be open, available, non-analytical, non-rational; not arguing with the reality, but just taking it as it comes, tasting it and its fragrance.

You are immortals, you just don’t know it. The whole universe is yours but you are like small children collecting colored stones on the sea beach. The whole mysterious world is not far away. You need not move a single step towards it; it comes to you if you are ready. Just remember, “Am I ready.ready to open? Indefensible?” Are you ready to allow the fresh breeze of life to pass through you?

The seers of the Upanishads have made the most significant statements. One of their statements addresses you as amritasya putrah: “Oh! Sons of immortality.” Certainly, your body is not addressed, nor is your mind addressed, but you are much more. The body and the mind are both useful instruments, but don’t make a cage of them and don’t be present in them, and you will know how much blissfulness is possible, how much aliveness is your inheritance. You inherit the whole universe with all its beauty.

The master is only an excuse to show you the path and an example to show that what has happened to him can happen to you - you need not go in doubt and hesitation. Every man and woman has the seed of being divine. Those who have realized it, out of sheer compassion, they go on whether you listen to them or not; they go on trying their best somehow to reach you.

The story is that when Gautam Buddha died and he reached the gates of paradise there was great celebration, because only once in a while the gate opens, once in a while a man achieves his total potential. But Buddha refused to enter the door.. It is a parable; don’t think it is a historical thing. But sometimes parables carry more truth than history. Buddha refused on the grounds, “How can I enter paradise when millions of people are groping in the dark and searching in the dark? I will wait until the last human being has entered paradise.” The Buddhists think he is still waiting.

Whether he is waiting or not, one thing I know for certain is that existence is waiting and you are postponing for stupid mundane things, things which do not matter, which are simply junk and are delaying the time of your flowering. The spring comes and goes and you remain without flowers. A master is a spring.

When the master knocks at your door, then drop everything because nothing is more important than to know yourself, to be yourself and experience the great beautitude and the ecstasy that is your birthright.

Two Israeli spies caught in Cairo are put up against the wall, and the firing squad marches in. The Egyptian captain asks the first spy, “Do you have a last wish?”

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