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Chapter 20: Diogenes and the Dog

This is what the analytical mind is. Yes, that’s exactly what I mean: dropping the analytical mind. But when you drop the analytical mind nothing is left, because the mind is pure analysis and nothing else. Once the analytical mind is dropped, logic is dropped, reason is dropped, because those are methods for analysis. Once the analytical mind is dropped, what is left of thought? Thought is basically analytical; it is the process of categorization, labeling, analyzing. Then what is left? Mind is gone - only heart is left, intuition is left.

But if you love words you can say synthetic mind is left. But that makes no difference at all; that will simply show that you are very much clinging to your analytical mind. Now you will call it synthetic mind.

Sigmund Freud created analysis, psychoanalysis, and then Assagioli created synthesis, psychosynthesis. And both are not basically different, both are aspects of the same coin. Sigmund Freud tries to analyze, and Assagioli tries to synthesize - but whether you analyze or synthesize, you use the same mind.

There is a state called no-mind: I am talking about that. It knows nothing of analysis, nothing of synthesis. It simply knows not; it is innocent of knowledge. It is pure being, presence, a mirror that reflects that which is.

Analyze a little more. And then you will find, if analysis is dropped, then nothing is left behind.

There was once a man who was in a nearly fatal automobile accident. He spent a week in the hospital in a coma before regaining consciousness. When he came to, the doctor was at his bedside and he asked the doctor what had happened.

The doctor replied, “Well, I have a little bad news and a little good news. I will tell you the bad news first. You have been in a very serious automobile accident which crushed both of your legs. While you were in a coma we had to amputate both legs in order to save your life.”

“Oh, my God!” cried the man. “You mean both my legs have been cut off? I will never be able to walk again? I will have to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair? Oh, this is the worst thing that could happen,” said the man in deep anguish. Gathering himself together a bit, he queried, “Well, what is the good news?”

Replied the doctor, “The man down the hallway has offered to buy your shoes for eleven dollars.”

Once the analytical mind is gone, what is left? Just the shoes - you can sell them. But even for eleven dollars, it is not very good news.

And the last question:

Who is a lazy man?

It depends. To a workaholic, the answer will be totally different. To a workaholic almost everybody is lazy. But to the laziest, almost everybody is a workaholic.

It happened: