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Chapter 14: The Best Government Is No Government

Now, here we already exist without any nations. Who bothers whether you are an Italian or a German or an Indian? Nobody even questions; people don’t even know who is who. I was thinking to publish a who’s who for the commune, because people don’t know. Sometimes they may even be boyfriends and girlfriends and they don’t know. They come to know only when the other does not understand their language; otherwise there is no problem. And even with language people are managing perfectly well. I don’t know English but I manage. I am surprised myself because English is such an unscientific language and I am not acquainted with it in any way, but when you have to say something, when you have something to say, then the language follows. If you have just a little bit of an acquaintance with the words they follow, they fall in line.

All languages are here, all nations are here, all religions are here - and nobody is taking any notice of any differences.

Rajneeshpuram is simply one single nation, and the only nation which represents the whole world.

But the politicians are often offended by our existence, and I can understand why they are offended. If we are right - and we are right - then they are in the wrong, and they have always been in the wrong. But nobody has given them a solid proof of their wrongness.

Prince Kropotkin talked about anarchy, no government; but just argument won’t help. I love Kropotkin, his idea is right, but he should have managed.. And he was a prince in Russia, he had every possibility to create a commune without government. He never did it. I think he himself suspected that he could not succeed. To write a book is one thing; to write life is totally different.

We are writing life here.

If we succeed then we are the hope of the whole humanity.