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Chapter 8: The Head Is Compulsory, but Not the Cap

Just live intelligently. If something is told to you, decide whether it is right or wrong, then you can avoid all guilt feelings. Otherwise, if you don’t do it, then you feel guilty; if you do it, again you feel guilty. If you do it you feel that you are being obedient, subservient, that you are not being assertive, that you are not being yourself. And if you don’t do it, then you start feeling guilty again - because perhaps it was the right thing to do and you are not doing it.

There is no need for all this clumsiness. Just be simple. If something is told to you, respond intelligently. And whatsoever your intelligence decides, do it this way or that - but you are responsible. Then there is no question of guilt.

If you are not going to do it, explain to the person why you are not going to do it without any anger, because anger simply shows that you are weak, that you don’t really have an intelligent answer. Anger is always a sign of weakness. Just plainly and simply explain the whole thing; perhaps the other person may find that you are right and may be thankful to you. Or perhaps the other person may have better reasons than you; then you will be thankful to the other person because he has raised your consciousness.

Use every opportunity in life for raising your intelligence, your consciousness. Ordinarily what we are doing is using every opportunity to create a hell for ourselves. Only you suffer, and because of your suffering, you make others suffer. And when so many people are living together, and if they all create suffering for each other, it goes on multiplying. That’s how the whole world has become a hell. It can be instantly changed. Just the basic thing has to be understood, that without intelligence there is no heaven.

You have been called “the genius of the absurd.” Your way in this world seems so relentlessly wild and crazy that many people - perhaps all people - are filled with wonder, or confusion; and sometimes, even anger. But the European Parliament, gathering votes to ban you from Europe forever seems also absurd and crazy. I wonder who is more absurd: you or them? What can we discover about truth in your absurdity?

They are not absurd; they are functioning very logically. They can see the potential danger that I can bring to the younger generation, which can destroy their centuries of vested interests.

They are not absurd. It may look absurd - the whole world against one single man - but it is very logical. They can see that what I am saying is true, and they have no way to defend their morality, their marriage, their family, their social structure. Naturally, they would not like me to come in contact with their youth, because their youth is going to be powerful tomorrow; and if their youth becomes aflame with my ideas, tomorrow the old world will have completely collapsed.

To save the old and to prevent the new, they are taking every measure - and it is logical. I am certainly absurd.

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