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Chapter 8: The Lion’s Roar

What are teachings? What are doctrines? Ways of repressing. To teach you that you are a Christian, and you should love even your enemy.now in the first place if you are really a man of love, how can you find an enemy? And if you have an enemy, then it is going to be absolutely difficult to love him. It is difficult to love even the friend. And if you want to know the ultimate fact, it is even difficult to love yourself, because you don’t know what you are. You don’t know what love is. So what will you do? You will simply impose, you will become a hypocrite.

Every Christian, every Mohammedan, every Hindu, every Buddhist is nothing but a hypocrite. He has to cover up all jealousy, hate, cruelty, greed - and cover them up with beautiful disciplines, practiced well. But howsoever you practice them, what you are doing is simply repressing. So what you have repressed remains in you, and will come out at any moment.

There was a Christian missionary who used to say in every sermon, quoting Jesus, “If somebody slaps your cheek, give him the other cheek also.”

Everybody loved the teaching - it is beautiful. But in one village, one idiot created trouble. Hearing this, he stood up and slapped the priest on one cheek, and asked him, “Now give me the other cheek!”

The priest was boiling with anger - this had never happened, this was strange. Still, he contained his anger. It is only a question of one cheek more; then he will see.

He gave the other cheek. And that man was so stupid, he hit him again on the other cheek! Just as he hit him, the priest jumped on the man and started hitting him here and there - everywhere.

The man said, “What are you doing? Have you forgotten your sermon?”

He said, “There are only two cheeks, and Jesus said nothing beyond that. Beyond that I am free.”

So how long can you.?

Once it happened to Gautam Buddha.. A man was going to spread the teaching of his master. He asked Buddha, “If somebody is very unkind, cruel, how many times do I have to forgive him?” Because that was the teaching of Buddha - forgive. But the problem is, how many times? And in the very question, “How many times?” it shows that the man has not forgiven, he is just repressing. He is asking, “How many times to repress?” - reduced to its exact meaning.

Buddha said, “Seven times.”

That man said, “Okay. The eighth time I am absolutely free.”

Buddha said, “You have not understood my idea. What do you mean by saying the eighth time you are absolutely free?”

He said, “The eighth time I will kill the man! Seven times I forgave him, now it is enough.”

Seeing the situation - still, people who make doctrines and moralities and principles to live by, can’t see the underlying repression - Buddha said, “Not seven times, but seventy-seven times.”

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