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Chapter 8: The Turtle

Children are authentic; when they are angry they are really angry. You look at them - their anger is beautiful. They become just like wild animals, jumping and screaming, their faces completely red. They are like lions, they would destroy the whole world at that moment. Their anger is true, and whatsoever is true is beautiful.

Look at a child when he is angry. Just watch him and you will see a beautiful flowering, a flowering of strength, power, energy - energy moving. And the next moment the child is happy, smiling. Now the smile is also true, now his smile is also beautiful. Whatsoever is natural is beautiful. But you say to the child, “Don’t be angry, suppress your anger. This is not good, you are not supposed to be angry!” But who is this who is supposing these things? Is there any possibility to go beyond nature? Who are you?

At the most, you can do this one thing - you can force him. A child is helpless; if you force him he will have to follow you. He is weak, he depends on you because you can withdraw your love. He needs your love, he will have to follow you. When he feels angry he will not express it. Now the anger will move into the blood, and because anger is chemical his whole body will be poisoned. Expressed, it is a beautiful phenomenon; suppressed, it is disease. Now when he smiles, this smile will carry that anger, that poison; now it is in the blood.

And you have suppressed so much that whenever you want to smile something holds you back; something is afraid in any sort of let-go, because a smile is a let-go. If you smile - just stand before a mirror and smile - you will see that behind your smile there is anger, there is sadness, there is lust; it is not pure. It cannot be, because the very source is poisoned. Nothing is pure - not only are things in the market adulterated, you are adulterated. Then you cannot smile, and if you cannot smile, how can you kiss? Your kiss will be just poison, it will be poisonous. How can you love? How can you enjoy sheer being? No, you cannot do anything. Now you can only follow ‘oughts’, ‘shoulds’, and ‘should nots’.

You are afraid to live. You go on postponing - somewhere in the future you will live - and because of this postponing you have created heaven and hell. Heaven is your final postponement of everything that is worth living for. You say that in heaven there is eternal beauty. The eternal beauty is here and now, not in heaven. You say that in heaven love is pure and eternal! Love can be pure and eternal here and now, there is no need to wait for heaven. Wherever love is, it is eternal and pure, because for love time does not exist.

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