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Chapter 9: Mind Is a Fraud

The real definition of good and bad can only be this: the good is that which grows with meditation, watchfulness, and the bad is that which disappears as you grow in watchfulness, as you grow in awareness. Awareness has to be the decisive factor. When you become aware of your anger a let-go happens because anger is not part of your natural being, neither is pride. They start evaporating; as the sun of awareness rises in you, they start evaporating like dewdrops in the early morning sun.

And the second thing to remember. Buddha makes these two statements together: Let go of anger. Let go of pride. Why? There is a reason: pride is ego. “I am superior, I am holier, I am greater, I am something special, I am.” Ego is the root cause of anger. If you think you are superior, higher, holier, special, you will be constantly angry, because the world is not going to accept it. In fact everybody else also thinks in the same foolish way, and when there are so many great people, conflict is bound to arise. Everybody is trying to prove, “I am greater than you.” How can you avoid conflict? And that conflict brings anger. It is ego hurting, it is ego feeling the wound; it is unsatisfied ego that creates anger. And nobody’s ego can be satisfied, that is impossible.

Even a man like Napoleon could not feel his ego absolutely satisfied, for the simple reason that he was not very tall - only five feet five inches. That was always heavy on him because he had many servants, guards who were much taller than himself. And whenever he would see a tall person he would become angry; he would not be able to control himself.

The great Russian leader, Lenin, had very small legs. His torso was big, his upper body was big; his lower body was very small, disproportionate. That kept him always angry. Even if somebody looked at his feet - which was natural, because they were so disproportionate that anybody looking would notice - he would become angry immediately. Anybody looking at his feet would arouse his anger.

He used to sit on a big chair - so big that his feet wouldn’t touch the ground - so nobody would notice that he had small feet. But people had become aware of his big chair; they would look more closely and that would again create anger, because they would see that his feet were not touching the ground at all. Now, to be the dictator of the greatest country in the world, Russia, the largest country in the world and yet feel hurt for the stupid reason that you have small legs.!

You cannot have all and everything. You can arrange to have a few things, but a few other things will be missing. You may be tall, but you may be ugly. Any small thing is enough to hurt the ego. You may be very tall and very handsome, but unintelligent - you may have a very mediocre mind. You may have a very intelligent mind, but a very ill body. You may have a very strong body, a very good physique, but have little intelligence. You can’t manage to have everything. You may have intelligence, a beautiful body but no money. The world is vast and there are a thousand and one things and nobody can manage to have it all; nobody has ever been able to.

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