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Chapter 21: Totality Transforms Quality


[via a French translator] I feel full of anger and I think I should do a group where I can throw it out.

[the group leader, in response to Osho’s invitation to comment] She had many opportunities to throw out her anger but didn’t use them.

You are missing opportunities.in this group too. You are keeping yourself a little away. Get involved. Be angry - there is nothing wrong in it. You have some condemnation of anger. Accept it, and not only that, enjoy it.yes, enjoy it! Anger is beautiful if one enjoys it; it is a sort of cleansing inside.

So be totally angry these remaining two days. Go completely mad and be angry. Don’t be afraid. These people are here and they bring the opportunity to be whatsoever you are. If angry, then be angry. When anger disappears then love will arise. But you still look a little hesitant about accepting and enjoying anger..

[to the group leader] Help her to go deeper into anger.force her, really. Language may be one of the causes..

[translator] She speaks German as well.

French is the language of love. German is perfect for being angry!


I experienced a lot of anger. I had been ashamed of it before.

Never be ashamed of anything, because then the mind tends to suppress it. Whatsoever we are ashamed of and don’t want anybody to know, we go on hiding inside, in the unconscious. It moves deeper into your being, circulates in your blood, goes on manipulating you from backstage.

So if you want to repress, repress something beautiful. Never repress something you are ashamed of, because whatsoever you repress goes deep and whatsoever you express will evaporate into the sky. So whatsoever you are ashamed of, express so you are finished with it. Whatsoever is beautiful keep as a treasure inside, so it goes on influencing your life. But we do just the opposite.

Whatsoever is beautiful we go on expressing - in fact too much; we express more than is there. You go on saying, “I love, I love, I love,” and you may not even mean it much. You go on suppressing anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, and by and by you find that you have become all that you have suppressed, and then deep guilt arises.

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