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Chapter 3: The One, Undivided

Our instincts seem to be stronger than our understanding. When we look with awareness at our feelings of hatred, jealousy and anger, they seem to be arising from the navel center. And the witnessing and the rise of these waves appear simultaneously.
Please tell us why these waves arise from the navel center. Is our unconscious related to it? Is there a great store of these instincts in our unconscious, or are they created moment to moment?

There is no division in the flow of consciousness. It is only as a result of repression that there is a division between the conscious and the unconscious. It is important first to see this rightly.

When a child is born its consciousness is one, undivided. There is neither a conscious mind nor an unconscious mind; there are no such divisions. But before long the process of compartmentalization begins - because we will start teaching the child what is right and what is wrong, we will preach what is good and what is bad, what he should do and what he should not do. When we go on teaching the child, “You are not to do this, this is bad,” what is the child to do? Nothing dies just because we categorize it as bad. We tell him that anger is bad. The child hears and understands, but the anger in him is not going to cease to exist just because we say it is bad - because anger is a natural instinct. The child has not learned to feel anger, he is born with it. Anger is as much a part of him as his body, his eyes, his hands. Nature uses anger. Anger is energy. Without anger the child will not survive. Anger will give him the strength for struggle in his life, anger will give him strength to stand up against conflict, anger will give him the drive. Anger is an unavoidable feature of his life’s journey.

We say, “Sex is bad,” but sex is not something that has been learned from the books and movies; otherwise, how would the birds and beasts learn it? They don’t go to movies - though our so-called saints blame the movies for spoiling people - nor do they read sex literature, but sex is there. So the child is born with it. We say that sex is bad, and those people who say sex is bad have given birth to this child through their sex. Had there been no sex, the child would not be here. Each child is a living symbol of sex. Each and every cell of his body is constructed of particles of sex. His whole body is a crystallized form of sex. And we say it is bad! What is the child to do?

For the baby, nothing is bad and nothing is good.yet. He has not even thought about such things, we implant such thinking in him. And we are powerful. We reward him for doing what we call right, and punish him for what we call wrong. And it is not only we who are labeling things as bad, the whole society is calling it wrong. The child is alone. He is very natural, but he is alone, weak, helpless; and he is dependent on those who are labeling these impulses as wrong. It is they who feed him and clothe him; they can beat him and punish him. What is the child to do?

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