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Chapter 2: Begin with the Body

My Beloved Ones,

Last night I spoke about how to create a foundation for meditation within yourself. My approach to meditation is not based on any scriptures, any holy books or any specific school of thought. I am only talking about the paths which I have walked on and which I have known by going within myself. This is why what I am saying is not just a theory. And when I invite you to try it, I have no doubt that you will also be successful in finding what you are longing for. Rest assured that I will only talk about that which I have experienced.

I have had to go through a period of intense anguish and suffering. I had to go through a period of trial and error, and during that period I struggled to go inside myself. I made a constant effort to try all the roads, all the paths in this direction.

Those days were very painful, full of anguish and suffering. But there was constant effort, and because of this effort - just as when a great waterfall is falling from a great height and the constant flow wears away even the rocks - so just like a waterfall, with continuous effort, somewhere I found an opening. And I will only talk about the methods through which I found this opening.

So I can say to you with absolute confidence and assurance that if you try this method the result is absolutely guaranteed. At the time, there was pain and sorrow, but now there is no pain or sorrow within me.

Yesterday somebody asked me, “People ask you about so many of their problems. Aren’t you troubled by them?”

I said to him, “If the problem is not yours, then you cannot be troubled by it. If the problem belongs to someone else then there is no trouble in it. The trouble starts if you take the problem as your own.”

In this sense I don’t have any problems. But I experience a different type of sadness, and that is that I see many people around me who appear to be in so much pain, who have so many problems, and I feel that their pain and trouble can so easily be removed because there are such simple solutions to them. I feel that if they were to knock on the door, the door would open so easily. And yet they are standing right in front of it, crying. That’s when I experience a very different kind of anguish and suffering.

There is a short Parsi story:

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