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Chapter 15: Transformation, Not Consolation

Why is the world so sick today? Why are misery and tension increasing?

It is the outcome of all the idiotic ideas that have dominated humanity in the past. It was bound to happen. All the religions are responsible for it. What they have done, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is the cause of the misery, suffering, anguish of the whole of humanity. Let us think of the most fundamental causes one by one.

The first: All the religions have been imposing the idea that God has created the world and God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. He knows all, he is all-powerful, he is everywhere.

This idea prevented man from doing anything to life to make it better, beautiful. When somebody all-knowing, all-powerful, everywhere present, is looking after the world, then what can you do? How far can you see? What can be your contribution? If God is the creator of the world, you cannot improve upon it. If you do anything you can only harm it. You cannot inform it; you cannot be wiser than God. This idea is one of the most basic causes of the whole anguish through which humanity is passing, and perhaps may perish in. Just think: the way I see it, there is no God who is creating the world, who is looking after the world. Don’t throw this responsibility onto someone who doesn’t exist. It is we who are here - in every way responsible to make or mar the opportunity.

Remove God and put man in his place, and you will have a totally different world. The suffering is absolutely unwanted. The anguish is our stupidity. Man can live a tremendously rich, blissful, ecstatic life. But the first thing is, he has to accept his responsibility.

All the religions have been teaching you to shirk your responsibility: Throw it onto God! And there is no God. You don’t do anything because you think God is going to do everything - and there is no God to do anything. Then what else can you expect? What is happening and has happened and is going to happen is the natural outcome of this idea of a creator.

If man was told, “This is your existence; you are responsible whatever you are, whatever you do, and whatever happens around you. Be mature. Don’t remain childish..” But this God does not allow you to mature, his “godness” depends on your immaturity, on your childishness. The more stupid you are, the more gullible you are, the greater is God. The more intelligent you are, the lesser is God.

If you are really intelligent there is no God.

Then this existence is there, you are there; then create. But the Creator does not allow you to become the creator.

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