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Chapter 9: The Essence in Life

Dropping sex, anger, greed and attachment, meditate upon yourself: Who am I? Because fools without self-realization suffer the anguish of deep hell here.

Only the Gita and the Sahastranam- the one thousand names of God -are worth singing; only the form of Vishnu is worth meditating upon incessantly. One should always seek the company of good people, one should give money to the poor only.

One indulges with woman for pleasure, but what a pity that in the end one only has a worn-out body. Although death is the only certainty in this world, people do not stop sinning.

Money is disaster - always contemplate over it. The truth is that there is no happiness in money at all. It has been seen everywhere that the rich man is afraid even of his own sons.

Pranayam and pratyahar, intelligent discrimination between transient and intransient, disciplining of samadhi with japa -discipline all these with caution, with great caution.

Totally surrendered to the lotus feet of the master, free from the bondages of the world, having disciplined the mind along with the senses, you will be able to see the divine within your heart.

There is a Greek mythological story: There was a very handsome young man named Narcissus, who fell in love with a young woman named Echo. This name is worth pondering over. People fall in love with echoes. You always fall in love where you hear your own voice, where your own ego is satisfied, where you find yourself in the hidden form. Your love is nothing but the extension of your ego. Echo also fell in love with him. Echo has to fall in love, because she is the echo of your voice. There is no possibility or way of her being separate from you.

But one day a mishap occurred. It had to be so, because mishaps are certain in the life of one who is deceived by echoes - one who falls in love with his own voice. Narcissus had gone to the forest. There in the lake, which was absolutely calm, there was not even a ripple, he saw his own reflection. He was enchanted. He saw his own face in the lake, which was like a mirror. He saw it for the first time. It was so lovely! Who doesn’t like his own face? People love only their own faces. Narcissus became hypnotized, he couldn’t move, he became still. Attachment creates this type of stillness. He was afraid to move lest the reflection breaks. He didn’t move from there. Echo kept on waiting for him, and when Narcissus did not return, love died.

Echo - your voice can echo only if you go on humming. If your humming stops, then for a little while the echo will be heard in the mountains and then it will be lost. Narcissus didn’t come back. They say that standing at that lake Narcissus became a plant: there is a plant named Narcissus which is often found on lakes, streams and rivers. If you ever come across it you must watch it carefully: it is always looking into the water, it is always looking at its own reflection.

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