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Chapter 12: To Create a Balance

My approach is neither Eastern nor Western, my approach is neither male nor female, my approach is neither of action nor inaction. My approach is that of utter balance, symmetry in you. Hence I say to my sannyasins: Don’t leave the world; be in the world and yet be not of it. This is what Taoists call wu wei wu, action through inaction. The meeting of yin and yang, anima and animus - it brings enlightenment. Imbalance is neurosis, balance is enlightenment.

The third question:

Are all women really soft, feminine and loving?

I have not said that - that all women are really soft, feminine and loving. Neither are all men aggressive, violent, ambitious, hard, because deep down in you the consciousness is neither. The anima and the animus, the male and the female exist in your body chemistry. You can be a man physically, but you may have chosen, deep inside, the feminine part. A woman may be a woman physically but she may have chosen the masculine part. Both parts are available. Then the body remains feminine but the woman will become masculine. That is what is happening to women connected with the Women’s Liberation movement: they are dropping their feminineness, they are becoming as aggressive as man. They are trying to compete with all kinds of foolishnesses that man has: they want to have all those foolishnesses themselves, too. They cannot be left behind.

The idea of being equal is creating a foolish idea of being similar. To be equal does not mean to be similar. Equality is a totally different dimension. Similarity is different.

Yes, a woman can choose her masculine part too much - can become identified with it - then her softness will disappear. A man can choose his feminineness, then his hardness will disappear. The body will remain sexually male or female, but the quality surrounding the body, the vibe, will have to be that which you have chosen inside. A man can choose to be a woman inside, a woman can choose to be a man inside. And it is not a choice that you make once and forever, you can change it every moment. There are moments when a woman is very soft and there are moments when she can be very hard, very cruel. There are moments when a man is very hard, aggressive, but there are moments when he can be very soft. Even a Genghis Khan is very soft to his children. To his wife he is very soft.

I have heard..

The plain and strongly-built daughter of a Field Marshal was engaged to be married to a young officer on her father’s staff. “Couldn’t you do something for Frank now that he has asked me to marry him?” she asked her father one day.

“There’s not much I can do really,” replied the Field Marshal, “except get him a medal for gallantry.”

Or, listen to this..

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