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Chapter 25: Religion, Religiousness and Religio

Let me say a few words before I answer your question, because without them the answer will not be complete. I would like to change the name Rajneesh Foundation International. Sheela and her fascist gang have contaminated the name. I would like it to be Rajneesh Friends International. It remains RFI.

RIMU and RA are two wings of RFI. RIMU is educational, intellectual, scholarly. Both are totally unique experiments because the degrees that you will get will not be of any use in the world. They are non-utilitarian. There is no university in the whole history which was non-utilitarian. They were all serving some utility, and the moment you serve some utility you are no more a master. You become a servant.

All educational systems of the world have been supportive of the status quo - the state, the society, the church - all that is the establishment. They were supporting the establishment. They were dependent on the establishment. They were preparing people how to serve the establishment to their best capacity. They were non-rebellious, they were all reactionary, anti-revolutionary.

RIMU and RA are both non-utilitarian. Their degrees won’t help you to serve any purpose. They will serve you, but not anybody else. They will help you, but not the state, not the church, not the society. All those things have to be destroyed. They are the accumulated poison of centuries.

The function of RIMU is to deprogram you intellectually through therapies, through courses, through meditations. The whole intention is to clean your mind completely of all that the establishment has forced upon you. You have to be unconditioned. All the degrees will not be given by any examination.I am against examination because an examination is not a criterion. It may be just a coincidence that you can answer five questions, but life is not five questions that you have answered. In fact, life never asks those questions that are being asked in the examinations. That’s why you will be amazed that people who are tops in the universities get lost in the crowd and you cannot find them. Where are those gold medalists? Where have they gone? They should prove their mettle in life. In the university they were on the top, but what happens to these people when they enter life? Nobody asks the question because it is embarrassing. But I am very particular about raising questions which are embarrassing.

The people who were doing great in the universities prove phony in life for the simple reason that what they are being taught has nothing to do with life. Life has no examinations at all like the examinations they have passed. Life never asks questions like the questions they can answer. Life asks strange questions, and they don’t know anything about those questions. Their textbooks don’t know anything about those questions. Their teachers don’t know anything about those questions.

It is a very strange phenomenon. Universities are supposed to prepare you, but they don’t prepare you for life, for authentic existence. They prepare you for service to the church, to the state, to the culture, to the society, which are all fossils. They are not life.

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