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Chapter 25: Religiousness, Not Religion

One of my friends.he was also a professor, but he was a professor of Sanskrit. He was a great believer in all kinds of nonsense. Whenever he went to visit his family, he would ask this astrologer. And sometimes it was very difficult, because the astrologer would say, “This month you cannot go out. This month is not favorable for you at all.”

And he would come to me and say, “This is very difficult; this is the month I have got leave granted. Now this astrologer is saying I cannot leave this month.”

I said, “You wait. Let me see the astrologer. I know him perfectly well; he lives just in front of my house. And there are ways.. You just give a one rupee note to the astrologer, and then he asks you, ‘What date, what time?’ So I will give him one rupee and tell him, ‘This poor fellow will come; you please give him this date and this time’ - so he can catch the train directly, and go home.”

I arranged many marriages; I just had to give one rupee to him. One day he said, “But you are a strange fellow. You go on giving rupees for others, their travel, their business, their marriage.”

I said, “I enjoy the game, I see their foolishness and I see your cunningness. Just one rupee to see this whole game - it is not costly. And it is not only you, this is what all your forefathers have been doing. You decide about people’s marriages, and every day your wife is nagging you, beating you. What happened to your astrology? At least for yourself you should have chosen the right woman. And these fools go on coming to you, knowing perfectly well that it is very difficult to find a more henpecked husband than you. But still they go on asking: ‘I am going to be married; will this marriage prove to be successful, peaceful?’ They are asking, and while they are sitting there, your wife comes in and starts shouting at you and screaming at you - and those fools can’t even see this? And what do you know about stars?

But the trick is, the astrology book of Hindus is the same. So if you inquire of one astrologer, he will give an answer. You go to Benares, you inquire of another astrologer, he will give you the same answer, because they both depend on the same astrology book. If you go to Calcutta you will get the same answer. That makes you convinced that these astrologers must know, because three people in three cities cannot conspire against you. They don’t know each other, and they don’t have any idea that you are going to consult other people. You can consult all over India and you will find the same answer, because it is the same book. And they consult the same book; nobody bothers about the stars, nobody knows about the stars, but only what the book says.

Man’s greatest need, I said to you, is to be needed; otherwise he feels shaken. The trees, the clouds, the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains.nobody seems to be concerned with you. The whole existence seems to be indifferent; whether you are or not, nobody cares. This condition makes the mind very shaky. The religion comes in, the so-called religion.

The real religion will try in every way to help you drop this need, so that you see there is no need for anybody to need you; that asking for it, you are asking for a fiction.

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