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Chapter 8: Intelligence Is a Luxury

Brahma became a bull; you cannot deceive Brahma, the god, the creator - and that’s how the whole creation has come into being. That’s why there are so many species of animals, man, insects. The reason is: the woman goes on changing and Brahma goes on following, changing himself into the male. It is still continuing.

It is not just a short affair like the Christian God, who made the whole world in six days, and was so tired on the seventh that he rested; and since then he has been resting. Nothing has been heard about him. Monday never came again; he has never been back on the job. Just in six days he got spent, finished!

Brahma is still continuing, chasing the woman. He has not yet caught her because she goes on changing her form, he has to change his form; by the time he reaches closer she changes her form. And the creation goes on and on in different species. This idea looks closer to evolution; otherwise, why so many species? What is the need? So many mosquitoes - what is the need? So many bedbugs - what is the need?

The Christian God cannot answer that he created bedbugs to suck the blood of Christians; and created mosquitoes, created snakes and scorpions - for poor Christians! But what can Brahma do? The woman is certainly a mystery: she goes on becoming things which even Brahma may think is not right, but what can he do? - he is infatuated.

She becomes a scorpion so he has to become a scorpion. She becomes a bedbug; feeling that now Brahma will stop. But he is not going to stop - he becomes a bigger bedbug. And the story continues; the creation is continuous. But the reason for this continuity is that the father is trying to rape his own daughter.

What do you call it? - perversion or spirituality?

Hinduism has all the perversion that Christianity has, and much more.

One of the incarnations of God is Krishna. Hindus believe that there are going to be twenty-four incarnations of God. Twenty-three have happened; for the twenty-fourth they are waiting.

That, too, is a subtle psychology in every religion: some hope has to be left. Jesus Christ is coming back; the twenty-fourth incarnation of God is going to happen.. And they have been thinking this for thousands of years. It never happens, and it is not going to happen ever. It is just a hope, an opium, to keep people thinking of the future so they can forget their misery in the present. The twenty-fourth God will come and release you from your bondage, suffering, misery, pain - everything. He will open the door of paradise for you.

Krishna had sixteen thousand wives. These were not married to him; he had married only one woman, Rukmani - one out of sixteen thousand. These were other people’s wives whom he had taken forcibly. Their children, their husbands were deprived. And what are you going to do with sixteen thousand wives?

Even one wife is enough to finish you. Sixteen thousand wives! Perhaps the strategy is that sixteen thousand wives will quarrel among themselves, and Krishna will be saved; nobody will bother about him. He may not even know their names, he may not know their faces; he may not have made love to many of those women.

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