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Chapter 15: Most People Return Unopened

I said, “Nobody is there in the middle of the night.”

She said, “That’s right.” So she introduced herself: “I’m a nice Australian girl and I don’t want any trouble.” And now she has even started making a bed in the bathroom, in the bathtub, with cozy blankets and many clothes for the ghosts, so they can rest there.

I have to pass that room just because of those fellows. Just a “hello” is needed. And now it has become known to a few people. Milarepa is asking, “Why, when you enter the room, do you look to the left and say, ‘Hello’?” Mukta has even approached Anando to say, “I enjoy the company of ghosts. I would like to invite them for tea - just to be friendly with them.”

But Anando is very much afraid. She has to talk to them every night. I have asked her whether they answer. She said, “They never answer.”

I said, “They will not answer because they don’t exist. You have to create them; it is a very creative dimension.”

Nirupa became interested, because everybody wants to know mysterious things. She stayed with Anando, and she also heard the knocks. She said, “My God, they are!” But in fact, all those knocks are made by Milarepa. It is by arrangement with me, just to keep a place in the commune for nice ghosts.

You can create ghosts very easily. Anything else is very difficult because it needs some material. Ghosts are absolutely immaterial. It just needs a good imagination, and Anando has a good imagination. And it is a good exercise to talk to the ghosts, because you can be more truthful than you can be with human beings - it is a good meditation. You can tell them secrets which you cannot tell to anybody else, because they are not going to spread rumors. You can trust them; they are your own creation.

Slowly, slowly Anando will make it a meditation - it is becoming one by and by. I am giving her as much encouragement as possible. There is nothing to be afraid of, because ghosts don’t exist anywhere - Anando’s room included. But to have a good company of ghosts, and to talk with them, can be transformed into a meditation, as if you are talking to your own different selves.

Every man has many selves. He can make each self a ghost, and then it is easy to talk to them. And just one step more - talk from your side and answer from his side. Between this conversation, between you and the non-existential ghost, you will find treasures hidden within yourself, secrets and mysteries of which you were not aware before.

So Anando’s room is a special room. When you walk through it, never forget to say hello to the ghosts.

Goldstein applies for membership in the Communist Party, and he is requested to answer a few questions.

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