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Chapter 2: I Change with Reality

Will it be just a legal battle, or will there be other means involved?

I would like it to be legal, but if they force me, everything can be involved.

That means even armed resistance?

Not from my side.

But from the side of your sannyasins?

No, not from my sannyasins’ side either, that is my side. But if anybody tries to be violent in any way with us, we are not nonviolent people. We are neither violent nor nonviolent, we are simply human beings.

But if violence erupts, you are.

We will answer tit for tat.

Okay, that’s a very straightforward answer.
What do you do all day?

Nothing, just nothing.

Where do you do nothing?

Just sitting in my room, in my chair, enjoying myself.

And writing books? Did you write all the books that carry your name?

I have never read any of my books.

That means you have ghost writers?

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