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Chapter 7: Politics Brings Out the Beast in You

It is politics. It is a power game.

If you cannot become the president of a country - it is not easy because there is so much competition. You cannot become a messiah because it is not so easy; the moment you think of becoming a messiah, crucifixion comes to the eye.

Just the other day I saw an advertisement from some Christian mission for new recruits, with Jesus hanging on the cross; and the advertisement says: “You need guts to be a priest.” Great advertisement! But that means except for Jesus.what about all other Christian priests? They are not priests, that advertisement is proof enough. So there has been only one priest.

All these popes, and cardinals, and bishops what are these? These are not priests.because when Jesus proclaimed his ideas, the cross was the answer. And when these popes go around the world.red carpets, warm, overwhelming welcomes from presidents of the countries, prime ministers of the countries, kings and queens - this is strange. You should not misbehave with popes and bishops - yes, it is misbehavior; you are proclaiming that he is not a priest. Crucify him! - that will be the only certificate that he was a genuine Christian. Crucify as many priests as you can. It is not my idea, it is their idea. They publish the advertisement that “you need guts,” with a picture of Jesus on the cross.

It is so simple to be a politician. One need not be concerned only with government, the state and connected affairs. Any power trip makes you a politician. The husband trying to be superior to the wife - it is politics. The wife trying to be superior to the husband.because the wife simply cannot accept the idea.. Even though for millions of years she has been conditioned, she finds ways to sabotage it.

That’s the whole reason why the wife goes on nagging, throws tantrums, starts crying over any small matter, makes a fuss over anything - things that you could not even have imagined would create a fuss. Why does all this happen? This is her feminine way to sabotage your political strategy: “You think you are superior? Go on thinking you are superior, and I will show you who is superior.” And every husband knows who is superior; still he goes on trying to be superior. At least outside the house he straightens up, makes his I tie right, smiles and goes on as if everything is good.

In a small school, the teacher was asking the students, “Can you tell me the name of the animal who goes out of the house like a lion and comes back like a mouse?”

A small child raised his hand. The teacher said, “Yes, what is your answer?”

He said, “My father.”

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