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Chapter 6: The Art of Living

Laughter is prayerfulness. If you can laugh you have learned how to pray. Don’t be serious; a serious person can never be religious. Only a person who can laugh, not only at others but at himself also, can be religious. A person who can laugh absolutely, who sees the whole ridiculousness and the whole game of life, becomes enlightened in that laughter.

No. You ask: “Please tell me, will I survive this joke?” No, if you have heard the joke you cannot survive. If you have not heard, then it is very unfortunate because you will survive.

The last question and the most important:

Why do Jews have long noses?

Now don’t be afraid. I am not going to give you a long talk, a ninety-minute talk, no, because I know the answer. When you don’t know the answer you have to give a very long answer. You see, that’s why I go on talking so long. When I don’t know the answer I have to talk very long. In my talking you forget your question. But when I know the answer, then there is no need. And I know the answer. I happen to know the answer.

How I came upon the answer - about that I must tell you something.

One day - just a few days ago - Vivek asked me this question early in the morning: “Why do Jews have long noses?” I settled in my chair, in my posture. I made my towel comfortable, looked at the clock and I was just going to start a great discourse on the philosophy and the physiology of the Jewish nose. But then she became apprehensive and afraid. Naturally - because once I take off, then it takes ninety minutes at least for me to land again on the earth. So she said, “Stop! Stop! I happen to know the answer! You need not give me the answer!”

I was very shocked because I was already on the way. In a hurried way she said, “Because the air is free!”

It is a beauty. I loved it. It explains everything. The Jews have long noses because the air is free!

Enough for today.