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Chapter 33: Truth Is a Dance in the Heart

This is one of the reasons that none of the enlightened masters of the world has ever written a book. It cannot be just coincidence. They were immensely educated, cultured people, most of them from royal families - very rich, very talented. But what happened when they became enlightened was that they always chose the spoken word. And the reason is this: they didn’t want to answer the questions - in a book you can answer only the questions - they wanted to answer the questioner.

In a book you cannot take care of the questioner. You don’t know who is going to read it - it cannot have a personal intimacy. It is not addressed to anyone in particular; it is unaddressed - just to whomsoever it may concern.

None of the enlightened masters has ever written a single word. Consistently, in different parts of the world, in different times, they have always fallen upon the spoken word, because the spoken word has a warmth. The written word is cold, dead; the spoken word is breathing, it has a heartbeat.

Hence there are bound to be contradictions. But they are not contradictions: they are simply different people responded to in different ways with different words. They are given what they need. The question is just an excuse. Behind the question is a living being.

If the question is arising only out of the mind, then an enlightened master is not going to answer it, because that will be a futile effort. The mind cannot understand that which is beyond words; it can understand only that which is linguistically, logically right. It has no concern with existence, with life, with reality.

Mind itself is a fiction.

You can live without mind; you cannot live without heart. And the deeper you live, the more of your heart is involved. When your total heart is involved, then your questions have a totally different quality to them.

And I am answering people, not questions; naturally my answers will be different. You can go on asking the same question every day: my answer cannot be the same every day because you are not the same every day. It may be the same questioner; but life is flowing, it is a river, a constant flux. People think of themselves as static. Only things are static; only death is unchanging - life is constantly changing. More life - and more change. Abundant life - and there is tremendous change each moment.

So even if the same person goes on asking the same question, my answer cannot be the same, because in between his two questions so much water has flowed down the Ganges. Neither he is the same, nor I am the same, nor the existence is the same: everything has changed. The whole context is different.

When one lives moment to moment this is bound to happen.

Logic will think the answers are contradictions, and will miss the point. The heart will think they are different aspects, different colors of the rainbow - different viewpoints, different angles.

And it will have a dance, because that is its way of saying, “Yes, I understand.”

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