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Chapter 9: Save the Cat

This word, the English word destruction, is very beautiful, meaningful. The word destruction means de-structuring - nothing is destroyed, only the structure changes, a new structure arises. The old structure goes out of existence and a new structure arises. Destruction means de-structuring. Only the form changes. The cat may be sitting here - it is more possible than anywhere else! When you go back home, look in the mirror. You may be the cat, and you have come here again! Do something, otherwise I will chop you again! And remember, now nobody can save you. That time the monks could have saved you. This time you are a monk, so nobody can save you except yourself.

Action out of immediacy, spontaneous action, saves life. That is the only savior, there exists no other savior.

Anything more?

In place of the ten commandments, with which I was brought up, I have given myself a new set of rules - be alert, be patient, be spontaneous, accept myself.

All questions are mind questions, no question comes out of no-mind - and all answers are no-mind answers. So questions and answers never meet. You ask a question and I give you an answer. They never meet, they cannot meet, because your question runs on the track of the mind and my answer runs on the track of no-mind. They may run parallel but they never meet. Either I should drop my no-mind, then there can be a meeting; or you should drop the mind, then too there can be a meeting. And remember, I am not going to drop my no-mind. It cannot be dropped, because how can you drop a no-thing? You can drop a thing, but you cannot drop a no-thing. So you have to drop the mind. Then the answer will be heard, understood. Then it will penetrate you.

And the mind is a deeper source of new questions, new puzzles, new riddles. So you can change the ten commandments - you can create another ten. That will not do, because if they are created by the mind nothing changes. Now the ten commandments have become very old, out of date. They speak in the language of the past. At that time that language was relevant, but now they don’t look relevant. You can change, you can make new commandments, but those new commandments, if they are put together by the mind, will not be of any use. Your mind can think and put them together and they may look beautiful, but they will be false. You can make letgo a commandment, total acceptance a commandment, but if they are put by the mind they are meaningless. Why? - because the mind cannot allow itself to be in a total let-go. It can pretend, but it cannot really allow itself to let go. Mind cannot accept because mind exists through rejection; that is why mind always likes to say no rather than yes.