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Chapter 12: Faith: The Suicide of Intelligence

As your intelligence becomes more and more mature and you enter into existence from different directions, and you start feeling and living and loving it; it becomes more like poetry, painting, music, dance, a love affair - but not theology. It becomes, slowly, slowly, so much more mysterious that you could never have imagined that you are sitting on immense treasures of mystery. But religions give you ready-made answers.

Existence is there and naturally the question arises, “Who created it?” Remain with the question. Don’t accept anybody’s answer - because there are peddlers all around: Christians, Mohammedans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas, Jews, all kinds of peddlers in search of customers, trying to sell you something which is simply poison and nothing else.

They will say, “God created it,” or “Allah created it.” Yes, they have given an answer, but do you know what harm they have done? If you accept their answer, your question dies. And with the death of the question, your inquiry dies; now you will never inquire. If you had inquired, I can say with my own authority. And my authority does not depend on the Vedas or the Bible or the Koran, it depends only on my experience, on my inquiry. I say with my own authority that if you go on questioning without accepting anybody’s answer, including mine, by and by you will find that the answer is not found but the question disappears.

And that is the moment of feeling the mystery.

Do you see the difference? The so-called religions repress your question; they put an answer on top of it to cover it up, an answer which they give as if God himself has given it. Hindus say that the Vedas were written by God. Sheer nonsense - because in the Vedas there are so many things which have been proved absolutely absurd. If God wrote these absurdities then he should be dethroned.

They will all make their answer important, significant, infallible - as if coming from God himself or from God’s son or from his messenger. All these strategies are used to make their answer penetrate your being and condition you so deeply that your question disappears into your unconscious.

The function of a true religion is to discard all these answers, to discard all these authorities and bring out your authentic questioning, your doubts, your inquiries, and help you to go in search of the unknown, of the uncharted. It is a dangerous journey.

Religions have given you comfortable lives, convenient ways of living. But there is no way to live unless you decide to live dangerously, unless you are ready to go into the dark, to seek and search for yourself. And I say to you, you will not find the answer. Nobody has ever found the answer. All answers are lies.

Yes, you will find reality, but reality is not the answer to your question. Reality will be the death of your question. And when your question disappears and there is no answer available, that space is mystery.

A true religion is mysticism.

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