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Chapter 5: How to Avoid the Ditches

And Keshav Chandra became one of the great lovers of Ramakrishna. And Ramakrishna had no answer for any question, nor did he have any question. But Ramakrishna’s innocence touched many people and transformed many people. Just his love was a great alchemical process.

You don’t have to ask any question and you don’t need to receive any answer. Just drop both. They are not opposites to each other - the question and answer - they are not contradictions, they are complementaries, they are part of one whole. You have to drop the whole thing, you have to come out of this childish game. I answer your questions just to help you to come out. Slowly, slowly, your questions will die out, your answers will die out, and just a cleanness remains behind - that is your true being. All the questions are created by the priest, all the answers are created by the priests; it is a silly game. They create the answers, they create the questions, and in their questions and answers they divide the whole humanity into fragments. Otherwise what is the difference between Christians and Hindus, except their answers? - so trivial that you will find it hilarious.

But people go on creating questions. Mind is a very efficient mechanism to create questions, and it is also very efficient at creating answers. Each answer brings more questions; there is no end to it. There are thousands of philosophies in the world and none of them has come to any conclusion. None of them is complete or is ever going to be complete, for the simple reason that every answer will create new questions; it is an endless process.

The moment you drop all questions and all answers you have dropped all the priests, all the philosophers; you are freed from the whole past. You are freed from the mind, you are freed from language - you have moved to the beyond, into the inner sky, where there is your eternal life, your infinite light, your deathlessness, your bliss, your ultimate blissfulness; where you will find everything that man has ever dreamt of finding, and a contentment, a fulfillment that is never disturbed again.

A big revival meeting was being held. It was midwinter and all the motels were filled with preachers. The small son of the owner of one of the motels came in from the cold and found the lounge crowded with preachers. The boy announced to the room full of preachers that he had dreamt of hell. One of them grinned at him and asked, “What was it like?”

“Just like here,” said the boy, “I almost froze.”

“You froze?” asked another preacher.

“Yes,” replied the boy, “ the preachers were so thick around the fire, no one else could get near it!”

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